Wondercide Review

I think I have found my number one flea and tick repellant¬†for Goose and Dante (and for my family), it is all natural and no chemicals are ever used ever! We went on a week long camping trip up to the Whtie Mountains here in AZ and we camped near […]

Zuke’s Skinny Bakes

Sometimes it’s hard to tell if your pup has gained weight 2 lbs is easy to miss on a larger dog and that can slowly creep up to a larger number on the scale.¬† Once your pup reaches his maturity, ask your vet for his optimal weight. As a good […]

Sheba’s Dental Adventure

Saturday 7/30/16 The discovery It started off as a normal Saturday afternoon, I was getting the tooth brush and tooth paste out to brush all the dogs teeth yes I brush my dogs teeth, well I get to Sheba and I open up her mouth and I’m getting ready to […]

Staying busy this Summer 1

Treat Chaser from Outward Hound Goose is apart of the Chewy influencer program and we are so excited when they sent us the Treat Chaser from Outward Hound. Its been a hot summer and we spend a good amount of our days in side hiding from the desert sun a […]

Be Prepared for Any Adventure

Explorer First Aid Kit from Alcott Summer camping trips are being planned and I’ve been pulling the camping gear together both for me and my pups, making sure I have all the important necessities. I did find out though I really didn’t have that great of a first aid kit […]

Leaps and Bounds: SierraSil

Dante is almost 8 years old now and you would think a 75 lb german shepherd would start slowing down, but he hasn’t. Ok, maybe a little but not enough for people ask his age and get surprised when I say almost 8 years old. Dante has been getting sore […]