Hurtta – Life Savior

Our favorite sport to do on the water is SUP and I love bringing Goose along with me but, I have been really wanting to bring Dante but I couldn’t find a pfd in pet stores that was big enough for him. I had the opportunity to work with Hurtta […]


Hurtta – Sun & Bug Blocker 23

Ah the desert, its to hot for any kind of bugs to survive right? I wish that was true, but during the summer months we get hit hard with mosquitoes, horseflies, fleas and ticks. They all seems to hang out by the water where we like to hike, even in […]


May – Pet Treater Box 2

Pet Treater is a monthly subscription service delivering treats and toys to your doorstep. We love our monthly subscription box from Pet Treater! Goose is always so happy and excited to see what he has got every month from Pet Treater! I love the high quality treats and toys, and love […]

Dante enjoying a TurboPUP bar after a hard day of swimming.

Trail Grub: TurboPUP Bars! 23

My packs all time favorite trail grub is TurboPUP Bars, they are the perfect hiking, backpacking and camping meal for dogs on the go! What is a TurboPUP bar? Its Fuel for your dog, its a complete k9 meal bar for dogs on the go. With 100% grain-free, all natural, […]


Primal Pet Foods – Freeze-Dried Nuggets & Treats 18

Goose and I are so very excited to work with Primal Pet Foods, reviewing there freeze dried nuggets and treats. I am a huge advocate for raw fed dogs and I supplement my dogs diet with raw as much as I can. I really love the quality of Primal Pet Foods […]


DGP all Natural Mobility & Flexibility 3

I was approached by DGP to review their all natural tablets for dogs that support mobility and flexibility, I was very happy to work with them and to see how these pills could help my old girl Sheba. Sheba is about 11 years old, she has been having a lot of trouble moving around, […]