Monthly Archives: November 2015

Raw Paws Pet Food – Chews

  My Dusty Desert Dogs love chews but I am very picky on the chews I choose! Lots of dog chews are made with tons of preservatives and additives. I have had some bad experiences in the past with other companies and their dog chews, they caused my dogs to have […]

Monument Canyon 2

Monument Canyon Trail You know you had a awesome hike when your trail food is delicious and the company is even better! Kaite and I took our Dusty Desert Dogs Chipper, Quinci, and Goose on a hike to Monument Canyon yesterday morning. It was particularly warm this morning as the […]

Wave Cave 2

Trail Name: Wave cave Directions to Cave from trail head: Carney Spring trail head hike towards the NW along a old road bed about a mile to a fence line that makes the Superstition Wilderness, continue about a quarter of a mile of hiking this trail then on the left hand […]

Broadway Cave

  The Broadway Cave, now I had no idea the Superstition Wilderness had so many caves and this one is relatively close to the town of Apache Junction, AZ. It was a quick drive over, I met up with my friend Kandace and her pup Hope at the trail head. […]

Fuel For Desert Dogs 1

Hiking, Swimming, Running, Mountain Bike rides! Sounds like a lot of fun until you tummy starts rumbling and you start to fatigue. Don’t worry you have a power bar or a sandwich in your pack! But wait, if your like us and Hike, Swim. Run and Mountain Bike ride with your […]

Barktastic 2

Travel Dog Bowl From Barktastic   Goose and I were recently asked from Barktasic to review their travel dog bowl.  We took it on our hikes, bike rides and walks and it was very portable and compact. I liked how the bowl was easy to open and close. It fit great […]