Monthly Archives: October 2015

Keeping cool in the Desert 2

I know if i went into detail about living in the desert with your dog, I would end up with a novel. So I thought shorten it up to the 5 major things people ask me about when living in the desert with dogs and how we stay so cool. […]

Group Hike to Massacre Falls

Massacre Falls, what a appropriately named hike to do a few days before Halloween. It started out like every hike does a early morning cup of coffee and the pups eating their breakfast. I decided I would take two dogs this time normally when I go out I can only […]

One tough Hike

It was a brisk early morning Goose and I headed out, I with coffee in hand to go off on a hike in the Superstition Mountains with our friend and her two dogs Chipper and Quinci. It was a new trail one I never hiked before so i was really […]

October Is National Adopt a Shelter Dog Month

I love that people have recognized and dedicated a month to shelter dogs and the struggle that they have finding homes. Now Goose is not a shelter dog, but was purchased threw a reparable breeder. We did a lot of research to find a breeder that did the proper health […]

Hiking the Hieroglyphics Trail

Early morning hikes are rough to wake up for but the reward out ways the groggy feeling once you get your blood pumping on the trail. Yesterday morning i was awakened to my phone alarm 6am… that’s not to bad. I rushed to make my cup of coffee and to […]

Meet the Dogs of Dusty Desert Dogs

Welcome to Dusty Desert Dogs! I think the best way to start things off is with some quick introductions of the dogs that inspired this blog and make my life whole. It all started off with a red dog. My husband and I new we wanted to rescue a dog […]