ZUMI: Heeling Start Program for August

So honored to be one of the hosts for ZUMI in the month of August for the Heeling Start Program, ALL items purchased during the month of August will be included in the Heeling Start Program, so please be sure to use one of the program coupon ‘ZUMIDESERTDOGS’ during checkout. You’ll receive 10% off your order and your purchase will count as a donation towards the shelter/rescue of the hosts choice.

Here is a Goose and Sheba sporting the Duel Lead Sport Leashes From ZUMI Goose has the ‘Sky’ Leash on and Sheba has the ‘Forest’ leash.

Heeling Start Program

Through the month of August, ZUMI will match every item purchased using a promo code as a donation to 1 of 4 organizations picked by the guest hosts. I picked a local shelter here in Gilbert Arizona Friends For Life Animal Rescue. ZUMI will match up to 50 purchases for each organization, totaling in 200 leashes across all 4 organization. The organizations will then receive 10% of the proceeds of every purchase following the 50 leash mark Its such a fantastic cause and a great program!

The Dual Lead Sport leashes are a great all in one leash that one can use as a traditional clip lead or switch to a slip lead, there is also a ring near the handle which works great for poop bags or when the leash is off you can clip around you to hold the leash. I recently used these leashes on our 4 day camping trip up north and we loved them, my husband was also pleasantly surprised and loved how functional and soft the leashes are. The large array of color combos are bright and cheerful and the leashes also clean up well if they get dirty.

If you don’t need a leash you can still donate by purchasing one of the #NeverRoamAlone shirts, the super soft light weight t-shirt is unisex and features the #NeverRoamAlone design.

Sheba is our special rescue dog she spent 2 weeks in animal control she was turned in cause she was digging in the back yard. We also nursed her back to health cause she had a very sever case of kennel cough (Bacterial pneumonia). Rescues and Shelters work so hard for our beloved animals its such a great way to give back.

Please think about donating, its a great program and you would be apart of such a great cause!

Use  ‘ZUMIDESERTDOGS’ during checkout to get 10% off your purchase and you will also be donating to

 Friends For Life Animal Rescue here in Gilbert Arizona.

Your can also click HERE to see the other hosts and pick a rescue to donate to!


26 thoughts on “ZUMI: Heeling Start Program for August

    1. They aren’t very heavy, but they might be big for Mr. N, I love that the versatility of this leash though! But the shirts are super cute and super soft and light weight!

  1. Thosebaee some great looking rope leashes, they would have been perfect when I had my large breed dogs. Very nice that a portion of the purchase goes to shelters ?

  2. We always carry our slip leads on hikes as one if not two dogs hike off leash. I haven’t seen the all in one leash but like that it’s also a slip lead. I love when companies match as well and Friend for Life Animal Rescue is so lucky to be chosen as your charity for this campaign! I’ll use your code when ordering@!

  3. Those leashes are really cute! I love how bright and colorful they are. Your dogs seem to like them too. 🙂 It is great that they are helping homeless animals with a portion of their profit. Companies that give back are the best!

  4. We are cats (sorry) but we CAN say that these are pretty cool leads and we think they look so much nicer than boring plain ones.

    Well done being a Zumi host, they do sound a cool company! Well done

  5. I love the bright colours and multi-functions of the leash. The t-shirt also sounds fun. So nice to learn of another organization that supports rescue organizations.

  6. I can’t believe beautiful Sheba was surrendered to a shelter for digging in the yard – these are the kind of owner surrenders that make my blood boil! These are really nice leashes, and what a great cause! Thanks for sharing.
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  7. I am starting to see these leashes out and about! They have a nice weight to them for larger dogs, and I think that they are more comfortable in the hand than nylon leashes. Your photos were really cute!

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