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Goose and toys, he is probably the hardest on toys and is the most destructive toy destroyer I know. When West Paw connected with us and wanted to send over some of their durable toys to test out I was so happy to see if we could find one that would withstand Goose’s powerful jaws and his sharp cutting teeth. I was sent three and I also purchased a third I will break down each toy in the review below the last toy in this review is the one I purchased.

Dash Dog Frisbee

Goose absolutely loved playing with the dog dash frisbee the fun shape made it easy for me to throw and easy for Goose to pick up off the ground. Another big perk to this frisbee is that it floats! That’s right so going to the lake is 100x’s more fun!

  • The soft material is gentle on a dog’s mouth, perfect for sensitive pups.
  • Center hole provides for stable, fast flight, but also easy for the dog to pick up to retrieve.
  • Easy for dogs to track

Boz Dog Ball

Now this is our favorite go-to ball, super durable, bright colors and it floats in the water. Goose loves destroying tennis balls but the boz dog ball is nothing like a tennis ball in the sense it can be torn apart, Goose has tried! The Boz Dog Ball also comes in two sizes small and large, and three different color options dandelion, current, and peacock.

  • Light and soft ball for dogs to catch in flight
  •  More durable and safer than a tennis ball
  •  High bounce + floatable for all-terrain fun

Qwizl Treat Toy

The Qwizl has been put through the ringer with Goose, he loves treats and loves chewing so the Qwizl was the perfect option for him. The Qwizle comes in small and large and in three different color options, tangerine, grannie smith, and aqua blue. Now after heavy use from Goose there is some wear and tear at the ends where the holes are but nothing serious and West Paw always stands behind their product check out their guarantee form. 

  • Mentally stimulating treat toy for dogs
  • Extends the life of dog treats and prolongs play
  • Durable design stands up to chewers

Būmi Tug Toy

This is one of Goose’s favorite tug toys! I purchased this one at whole foods a while back and he loves it we tug and we play fetch and I think he loves how bouncy and spring like the bumi is. One downside though is he loves it so much he jumped up on the counter to get it and chewed one of the bumper/nob on the end off so it must be used with supervised play and if your dog loves it as much as Goose make sure you put it in a cabinet or something cause it won’t be safe on the counter.

  • Flexes to 2X its length
  • Designed for far-flung games of fetch
  • Easy-to-grab S-shape

Review summary:

West Paw is one of our favorite dog toy companies and I would recommend these toys to anyone who has a chewer or a dog that’s rough on toys. Goose is a huge fan of all their toys, We love how strong they are and how easy they can clean up (just throw in the dishwasher on the top rack) all of West Paw’s dog toys are safe and non-toxic. The Safest Dog Toys 


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  1. Hi Amy!! I love your post, it’s so clear and concise. I have a 1 year old Blue heeler/Border collie mix and she loves to tear up her toys!! These toys sound like they would be a perfect addition to the mix.



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