Wave Cave

Trail Name: Wave cave

Directions to Cave from trail head: Carney Spring trail head hike towards the NW along a old road bed about a mile to a fence line that makes the Superstition Wilderness, continue about a quarter of a mile of hiking this trail then on the left hand side you will see a line of rocks and a trail on the other side, this trail will take you up to the wave cave, step over the line of rocks and make your way to the cave. (no trail signs but carins will lead you the right way)

Location: Gold Canyon, AZ

Parking: The parking is a small turn out a enough to park about 10 cars comfortably, plenty of room to turn around in.

Duration of Hike: 3/4 hour hike depending how long you stay at the cave.

Miles: 3/4 miles

Type of Hike: One way (hike in – hike back out)

Elevation Gain: 977 feet


Driving down Peralta rd. you keep going till the road turns to dirt, about 4 miles and a ton of studder bumps later you arrive at a unmarked trail.


We arrived at the trail head about 7:30 am, it was chilly out i was glad I brought a beanie to keep my ears warm. I blazed this trail with Kaite and her main man Chipper. All four of us set off for the cave, which incidentally you could see from the trail head, it was nice to be able to see your destination. It was a pretty gradual incline till the end which left out calves burning a bit. We reached the cave, and we were in aw. The cave was huge with nice soft sand inside. You could see the mouth of the cave (which the name came from) having been carved over the years of erosion to what looks like a wave. We took refuge in the cave and enjoyed the shade and the view. Goose and Chipper had a blast chasing each other and having zoomies in the caves soft silty sand. They were blissfully happy and you could tell genuinely how much they enjoyed each others company. After the excitement the boys calmed down got a nice water break, and we started our way back to the trail head.

Its hikes like this that really puts things in perspective for me. How grateful I am to be here and to be able to take these amazing adventures with Goose and my friends. There is something about being in nature and being in the wilderness where its been untouched and spoiled by man kind. All the stress and worries of my day disappear and I focus on my environment, on me, on Goose it makes things simpler and for me simple make me happy.




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  1. These photos are extraordinary! I live in AZ and I’d love to visit Wave Cave. Thanks for sharing about this place, I’ve never heard of it before.
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

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