Trail Grub: TurboPUP Bars!

My packs all time favorite trail grub is TurboPUP Bars, they are the perfect hiking, backpacking and camping meal for dogs on the go!



What is a TurboPUP bar?

Its Fuel for your dog, its a complete k9 meal bar for dogs on the go. With 100% grain-free, all natural, human grade ingredients made here in the US. This k9 meal bar is convenient and healthy. With premium ingredents TurboPUP bars are interchangeable with regular dog food.  TurboPUP bars have been formulated to exceed AAFCO standards for all stages of life for dogs with added vitamins, minerals and omega-3s. Packed with 28 grams of protein, TurboPUP bars are the ideal meal on the go!

If your Pup has a sensitive stomach, TurboPUP uses the highest quality, simple, human grade ingredients that make the adjustment easy for dogs. TurboPUP conducted an independent study where nine dogs with sensitive stomachs across age span and breed, ate the bars for three days without an adjustment period. Not only were the dogs enthusiastic about the bars, but so were the owners who reported no adverse reactions on their dog’s sensitive stomachs. *remember to as ways consult your veterinarian if you have any concerns*


How much Should I feed?

Now that truly depends on you and how you are wanting to feed or supplement your dogs diet with TurboPUP bars. I still feed my dogs there regular diet but out on the trail I pack TurboPUP bars as they are easier to feed and to haul around in my pack.

The bars were made for active dogs, so on an active day about 250 cal for every ten pounds. Non-active is about 200 cal for every ten pounds.

The long answer is:

According to the Dr. Gail Renehan, DVM of Veterinary Product Consultants, LLC, a rough formula to calculate maintenance energy requirements is:

Dogs weight in kg X 30 +70 = recommended kcal/day.

For a working dog, that requirement is probably 1.2 to 1.5 times that.  So, a 20# dog needs 342 calories to just sit around, high activity raises that to 514 calories per day.  A working 60# dog would need about 1332 calories.

Since all dogs are so different you can also calculate the calories your dog currently eats on a daily basis (look on the bag for calories (kcals) per cup and multiply it by the number of cups per day). Each TurboPUP bar has 250 calories so divide the amount you got for the current consumption by 250 and you should have a good idea of how many bars per day your dog would need.



Why we love Turbopup bars

It a easy fast healthy meal to grab for your pups when you are on the go! I can see this bar being so useful not only for outdoor sports with your dog but road trips, or long days of training, or even a meal for a service dog that is always on the go. I love that the TurboPUP bars are interchangeable with dog food too and doesn’t cause up set tummies. Human Grade ingredients and grain free is great for dogs who might have sensitive tummies or allergies. I always have a TurboPUP bar in my pack ready to go. I highly recommend trying a TurboPUP bar today and see what you and your pup think!


TurboPUP bars can now be found at  


I am an Ambassador for TurboPUP

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  1. I sound these on Shark Tank (I think) and went looking for them in outdoors stores where she said she was selling them. I’ll check PetSmart now. Don’t know if they’re in Canada yet?

  2. I know humans need to take nourishment when they go on hikes and these sound perfect for a pup on the go! Fitting into a dog’s diet doesn’t look too hard either.

    I am not sure if I am meant to have a blank line at the top (just so you know)

  3. I think I’ve heard of this before…maybe it came in a PawPack or some other subscription box? Anywho sounds like a good product for dogs on the go.

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