Summit Parka Review 3

This simple yet highly efficient jacket keeps your dog warm during cold weather, the wind, rain or snow. It worked perfectly for our week long camping trip when we went and camped in northern Arizona. Even though we had no snow yet it was still cold, at least for my dogs […]

Hurtta Trail Pack 18

What you should expect Barreling through puddles, creeks, and streams, running up mountains and through tall grass every adventure hound needs a trail pack and Hurtta makes sure they made the very best pack for that job! My pack and I are super lucky to have such a great relationship with […]

High Visibility out on the Trail with Hurtta 16

The Dazzle Harness and Dazzle Rope Leash from Hurtta will keep your pup visible in low light or even during the day when your out hiking or going for a walk around the park. Dazzle harness Goose has been wearing the Dazzle harness now for about a month and we […]

Hurtta – Cooling Harness

Its getting scorching hot here in the Arizona desert, playtime is limited to early mornings and late evening time play sessions. But even with playing later in the evening its still sweltering hot, and dogs are vastly different physiology than people one key feature fur. Dogs can’t sweat like us, dogs […]

Hurtta – Life Savior 14

Our favorite sport to do on the water is SUP and I love bringing Goose along with me but, I have been really wanting to bring Dante but I couldn’t find a pfd in pet stores that was big enough for him. I had the opportunity to work with Hurtta […]

Hurtta – Sun & Bug Blocker 23

Ah the desert, its to hot for any kind of bugs to survive right? I wish that was true, but during the summer months we get hit hard with mosquitoes, horseflies, fleas and ticks. They all seems to hang out by the water where we like to hike, even in […]