Summit Parka Review

This simple yet highly efficient jacket keeps your dog warm during cold weather, the wind, rain or snow. It worked perfectly for our week long camping trip when we went and camped in northern Arizona. Even though we had no snow yet it was still cold, at least for my dogs who were use to and acclimated to 115 degree days in the desert, so a quick change to the cold 30 degree nights was a shocker. But they were well prepared with the Hurtta Summit Parka, Sheba is 11 years old and it is harder for an older do to regulate body temperature so she loved curling up with her parka and fell fast asleep at night. Goose loved it too even though he is the fluffiest out of all my dogs he gets very cold and he eagerly dipped his head into the jacket every evening before bed.

Key Features of the Summit Parka

  • Waterproof
  • Pleasant to wear
  • 3M reflectors
  • Adjustable back length, belt and collar
  • Reclosable opening for harness on the back in sizes 30-90cm
  • Protects the chest and key muscle groups
  • Integrated harness in small sizes 20-25cm
  • Recloseable attachment loops for back legs in large sizes 65-90cm
  • Machine washable



Design: Rating 5/5

The simple yet efficient design of the Summit Parka makes putting it on and taking it off easy and stress-free both for you and your dog. The Parka slips over the dogs head and then the belly band can be adjusted to the perfect fit for your dog and clipped into place. For an even better fit, you can slip your dog’s rear legs through the two loops in the back for more control of the parka if the dog is running or playing, another added bonus to make sure the fit is just right there are three bungees that make this possible. One near the tail to adjust the length, and the other two by the neck for a more snug fit to keep rain or snow out.



Quality: Rating 5/5

The material used on the Summit Parka has been laminated with a waterproof and breathable Houndtex® membrane to keep your dog dry and warm even after spending all day out in the rain or snow. The high collar, protective front, and long rear hem protect your dog’s most important muscle groups, neck, and chest. Made from a smooth and soundless material makes walks enjoyable so you are not having to hear a constant swishing noise. The jacket allows complete freedom of movement, Goose had no problem running and jumping,  he also had a few good rolls in it and the jacket stayed in place. In low light, the high-visibility 3M reflectors are very effective and glowed/reflected brightly when a small amount of light is even out.



Function: Rating 5/5

Everything about this Parka was functional, the jackets stayed in place all night when the dogs slept in the tent with us. I also liked how simple it was to put on the parak, the belly band was my favorite and I saw how warm my dogs were. The recloseable opening on the parak for the harness on the back is briliant if your dog is already wearing a harness and you want to slip the parka on top, you then have easy access to the harness to clip a leah on. The bright colors were great, It was easy to keep track of the dogs and also the high visibility orange was perfect for camping during September as it is the start of hunting season.


Overall: Rating 5/5

I would recommend this parka to anyone looking for a practical jacket to keep their dogs warm, and dry during cold fall rains or the winter snow. The simple design is easy and the dogs remained comfortable the whole time as they wore the parak. It cleans up easy as well I have already washed it on delicate in my washing machine and hang dried it and it looks as good as new. A must get with fall and winter right around the corner.



A bit about Hurtta

Hurtta’s business is based on knowing what pets need, and wanting to provide them with ever better products. Also wanting to make the everyday lives of dog owners easier, by offering safe, high-quality products that are easy to identify and that meet exactly the right needs. Hurtta believes that dogs make us better people.

Hurtta product designs, they take into account the build and movement patterns of different dog breeds, when the dogs run and play. The objective is to come up with products that are ergonomic, functional and match the needs of the dogs. Houndtex, our proprietary high-performance fabric, is weather resistant, breathable, water and wind resistant. The seams are taped, which guarantees impermeability.

Hurtta is established in Kuopio, Finland.

You can find Hurtta retailers in North America by going here: Hurtta247 Stockists.

If you love Hurtta and want to learn more about them I would recommend checking Hurtta out on Facebook and liking their page. They are often looking for product testers and run giveaways for chances to win their products. 

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    1. The Summit Parka had no snap under the tail, Sheba my girl dog used it and had no problems going to the bathroom or anything. I really liked this coat a lot very simple almost reminded me of a horse blanket.

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