Sheba’s Dental Adventure

Saturday 7/30/16 The discovery

Sheba's broken tooth!
Sheba’s broken tooth!

It started off as a normal Saturday afternoon, I was getting the tooth brush and tooth paste out to brush all the dogs teeth yes I brush my dogs teeth, well I get to Sheba and I open up her mouth and I’m getting ready to brush her teeth when I see it her top molar broken in half, with the other half not to be found! After a few minutes of sitting there in disbelief and saying a few swear words I look again, sure enough its half gone and it looks horrible. thankfully I have a friend who work at a vet office and she was able to get us a appointment on Monday. Another good thing was Sheba didn’t seem to be in any pain which was what I was worried about, but still I don’t know if she was just toughing it out like cattle dogs normally do.

Monday 8/1/16 Surgery day

Well Monday rolls around we see the vet, we knew an extraction was going to half to happen we were just hoping there wasn’t going to be anything else. Of course I had a question about a lump that was on Sheba’s side, I figured it was just a fatty lump I mean she is almost 11 years old that happens. The vet didn’t really like the look of it, there was hair missing and it was a little pink/red. So we opted to have it removed sense she was going to be under anesthesia anyways. So we gave Sheba hugs and kisses and we promised her we will see her later.

Monday night, we come to pick up Sheba and to see how the surgery for her tooth and lump went. The dental went perfect she did have to have another tooth removed due to it being cracked but nothing serious all her x-rays and the cleaning went with out a hitch. Now as for the mass, that wasn’t as good as we thought it was going to be. The vet removed it, she then dissected it and examined it further and she did determine that the mass as “abnormal” aka possibly cancerous. She did a great job at removing as much of the surrounding area to prevent any regrowth happening. Now we didn’t send in the mass for a biopsy only cause we already spend a large some of money and have no pet insurance. But the vet even said if we did send it in and if it was cancerous then we did everything we could possible do anyways, she did say she would refer us to and oncologist but Sheba being 11 years old I would never want to put her threw radiation and toxic chemicals. So I feel like we did everything in our power to give her an extension on life.

Sheba’s Recovery

When we got home from the vet she was exhausted and sore, she slept for the next 2 days basically just going for potty breaks to eat and have her medicine. She has shown huge improvements and had a week check up and the vet said everything looked good, but she still had her stitches in her mouth so she needs to continue to eat wet food. The stitches on her side look good as well, now all we have to do is keep up with making sure she eats soft food and doesn’t try to itch her stitches. One more week and we are hoping for a clean bill of health so we can get back to our normally scheduled program! We are planning a week long camping trip next month to celebrate Sheba and her good health.

This was one crazy adventure that was supposed to be just a dental and ended up to be so much more, maybe it was meant to be she broke her tooth so we could take her in to get her mass examined it was all apart of a bigger plan.

I’m so glad Sheba is doing well and I was so glad my friend Kandace was there to keep her company while she was getting her surgery done. I was also amazing that I got some photos of Sheba getting her dental and her surgery I wont post any graphic photos just some of her getting her teeth cleaned and her on the operating table getting prepped.

A special thanks to Alta Mesa Animal Hospital for taking such great care of Sheba and to Kandace for keeping me updated and keeping her company.

**I will update this post with how Sheba did getting her stitches out and her full recovery.

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