Gear Review – Ruffwear Grip Trex Boots

The goofy boot dance happened, the frozen I’m not moving cause these things on my feet has happened. But with positive reinforcement lots of treats and fun games, Goose sees his boots and knows good things come to those who wear awesome adventure boots.



At first glance: The materials are top notch, with a Vibram® out-sole, tightly woven air mesh is breathable and rugged. each boots has Velcro straps, reflective material on boot as well.

Ruffwear knows what they are doing when it comes to outdoor high performance dog gear. I looked into a lot of different dog boots, some look perfect for snow and frigged conditions. But I was not looking for a snow boot. I wanted a boot that was breathable and that had traction.

Why do you need boots? For Pad injuries or tender paws during hiking. The Grip Trex Boots fit the bill for our rugged desert hikes that can some times leave paws feeling tender. I have even run into issues on the trail with Goose getting scraped pads when we go hiking in rocky or very slick rock.  The Grip Trex Boots from Ruffwear fixed that.

Does Goose wear them all the time? No, Goose doesn’t wear the boots all the time when we hike. I like to keep his paws tough but if we get in a situation were we are very far from the trail head and his paws hurt or are starting to get tender the boots go on and we can keep logging miles on our hike, and he is safe and happy.

Do they stay on? YES! When I was getting him use to the boots we went out to play a game of Frisbee. OK so Goose goes nuts for his Frisbee and the boots made him run even faster and harder then I’ve ever seen! He forgot all about his boots. Now I did have one or two twist a little bit but that is cause Goose was running like a mad man turning and burning. But we didn’t loose one boot!

Do the boots affect his gate? NO, yes in the beginning he did a silly dance and may have walked a little silly but once he got use to the boots running and trotting along my bike did not affect his gate at all.

Sizing: Goose was right at the cut off for sizing for the Grip Trex boots. I actually had to order a different size boot for his front paws and rear paws. Goose’s front paws measured in at  2.25in or (xs) and his rear paws are 2.0 in (xxs). Ruffwear does a great job at helping you size the boots as well Selecting the right boot they even have a video showing you how to measure your dogs paws for the proper size and correct fit.




Overall, I am very happy with Ruffwear’s Grip Trex Boots. They are breathable and comfortable for Goose. The boots protect his paws and gives me a peace of mind that his pads are safe and I wont be hauling out a 45 pound aussie back to the trail head. These Boots are so nice I can see why they are used for ice, snow, hot pavement, and rugged terrain. Ruffwear never seems to disappoint with the great quality their items are made. Ruffwear has a great guarantee too their Trail Tested Promise sets them apart from a lot of other dog gear companies.



Disclaimer:  I was not provided a free product or paid to do this review . All thoughts and opinions expressed here are my own and are not influenced by the developing company, and/or its affiliates, in any way. 

20 thoughts on “Gear Review – Ruffwear Grip Trex Boots

  1. Bentley has never worn any type of footwear. Basset Hounds are so difficult to fit in everything that I am afraid to try boots. They would be great down here in the hot summer on our pavement.

  2. I love the picture of the worn little boots. I have some for the snow but I can’t get either one of my dogs use to wearing them. It doesnt matter what I do, they just freak out! I’m glad your dog enjoys them!

  3. I’d love boots for my Husky but she hates them ,& tries to chew them off. These sound like great boots, if I could just get passed her resistance!
    Love & biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  4. I have heard about the benefits of boots, especially in icy snow with salt or on very hot pavement. Kilo the Pug really did not like them and does not hike much but we may still try some again in January. Thanks for the tips about lots of treats and games.

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