Ruffwear Approach Pack

Goose’s pack

I’ve had the Ruffwear Approach Pack for a little over 6 months now and Goose and I have really put some miles on it.


I have been really impressed by the Ruffwear Approach Pack.  Here is a few highlights about the pack…

  • The Approach Pack is great at carrying weight more efficiently through weight-forward saddlebag design
  • I like that the pockets on the pack they are easy for me to access and the zippers are easy to open and close
  • I also love the daisy chain on the top of the pack it allows me to attach a light, bear bell or other things I might need access to
  • The integrated harness! It helps keep the pack more balanced and also if I need to help give Goose a little lift or lower Goose down I know he is safe and secure and wont be injured
  • The pack is very light weight and durable
  • A padded and comfortable handle is great for comfortable lifting (lift only as high as your dog can safely jump, as the buckles are not strength-rated for high-angle rope work)
  • padded straps allow more confort for your dog
  • Sheltered buckles are great for one handed buckling and also it protects the buckles from wear and tear
  • reflective trim great for low light at dawn or dusk

Goose’s pack is a Campfire Orange the other color the Approach Packcomes in is Pacific Blue. Goose wears a size Small an the weight of the small pack and capacity are 1.05 lb (0.48 kg) / 549 in³ (9 L) capacity bellow is the Size Chart and Capacity of the Approach Pack

Size Dog’s Chest Girth Capacity
XX-Small 13″-17″ 122 cu in 2 Liters
X-Small 17″-22″ 305 cu in 5 Liters
Small 22″-27″ 549 cu in 9 Liters
Medium 27″-32″ 732 cu in 12 Liters
L/XL 32″-42″ 976 cu in 16 Liters

Overall review

For the price of $79.95 it is a bit more pricey then some other packs you can get from pet stores but you defiantly get what you pay for, you get a well made pack with sturdy materials and zippers, a well planed out design with an amazing harness system. The Approach Pack cleans up well if it does get dirty, it also drys fast if the pack gets wet threw a creek crossing or puddles. But if it does rain the pack will get wet it’s not water proof but you can fix that if you purchase separately a Hi & Dry Saddle Bag Cover I haven’t had the need to purchase one cause we don’t get many rainy days here in the desert.  I have never had any issues with the pack rubbing Goose and causing sores. He loves his pack and he eagerly wants it put on once I take the pack out. I would like to add that I have seen the side of the saddle bags wearing out a bit, granted Goose has gone threw a few canyons which he has rubbed against rough rocks so take that into consideration if your dog will be going down narrow trails with large boulders or rough terrain. Also If you purchase the 1L Collapsible Water Bottles they fit perfectly in the Approach Pack, but a word of caution if you live in the desert watch out for cactus, the cactus spines will go threw the pack and puncture your water bladders, I’m sure if your dog accidentally ran into a sharp rock or stick this could also happen too so please remember to take that into consideration. One thing I wish the Approach Pack had is compression straps. Sometimes you don’t fill the pack up all the way, it would be a nice feature to have for future models. All in all I am very impressed by the Ruffwear Approach Pack and would definitely recommend this pack to anyone in search for a dog pack for walks, hikes, or backpacking.

Goose weighs 45 pounds so he can carry a MAX weight of 11 pounds 25 oz, I will always try and keep his pack as light as possible though.

*Remember the MAX weight for a pack on a dog is 25% of the dogs body weight, you need to slowly work up to the weight MAX wright. Always consult you Vet prior to any strenuous activity’s and to make sure you 4 legged friend is physically ready to carry weight.

 **Check out Backcountry K-9 they have free shipping over $29 and sometimes have coupon codes.

***We did not received any product in exchange for this review, this product was purchased with my own money and I am giving a honest review of the companies product.

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