RinseKit Review

Pressurized water at base camp, out at the trailhead hiking, mountain biking, or down by the lake after paddle boarding the list goes on, and if you have a dog chances are they will get dirty especially an adventure dog. RinseKit is a portable pressurized shower/clean up system that’s just like having your hose at home with you out in the back country. You get the same kind of pressure that you have at home out in the field and I can’t begin to tell you how amazing having a bit of pressure is when cleaning up a sandy/muddy dog also cleaning dishes at camp, this is a game changer no more having to deal with sticky maple syrup stuck to plates the pressurized water helps clean them in seconds! With over 3 minutes of rinse time depending on the pressure of the hose spigot that you filled it with and what setting you have the hose nozzle on.

No, you don’t need batteries, and no pumping is involved. Water pressure from your home is essentially transferred into the RinseKit. An internal reservoir bladder expands to “store” the pressure, which is then unleashed when you push the spray button. The RinseKit has a chamber/bladder that maintains about 65 psi of water pressure, the same type of pressure you get from your home.

The lid can come off as well and you can stand on it to clean off your feet or anything else, the fill instructions are also part of the kit and you will never loose them or if you forget how to fill it then the instructions are readily available.

Having water pressure when camping isn’t a necessity but if you are already taking water with you to wash up with or clean camp dishes, a muddy mountain bike or rise sand off you and the pups then the RinseKit will fix all those problems and more.

You never realize how great some water pressure is when out in the backcountry.

We also got to test out the Field Kit, this is great for refilling the RinseKit when no pressurized water is available, all you need is a bike pump and some muscles to get the psi up to around 65psi. We got to test the field kit out on two backcountry camping trips and it worked great in a pinch, only thing is to make sure your bike pump has a psi gauge on it or if you have something to check the psi with.

Final thoughts on the RinseKit, with a solid handle for carrying and takes up minimal space and folds up for carrying, and the hose easily coils up to tuck inside when not in use it takes up as much space as a small ice chest/cooler. The RinseKit weighs in around 24 pounds when full of water, you can put this anywhere you want at camp or in the back or the truck and have pressurized water at the ready.

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