Release N Run Dog Leash from Rad Dog

Goose waiting for some hikers to pass so we can get back to mountain biking!

A Collar and a Leash all in One! 

I had to try this out, Rad Dog was nice enough to send over some collars for Goose so we could test them out and see how they faired with Goose who is off leash a lot when we hike.
The Release N Run Dog Leash is a dog collar with a built-in 4-foot retractable leash which allows the leash to fully stow in the dog’s collar while not in use but it is easily assessable when needed.

Now even though Goose is off leash a lot when we hike or mountain bike I use to always carry a leash to clip on him if I needed to get control whether it’s for the other hikers passing by or other on-leash dogs cause having proper trail etiquette is important to me and I don’t want to ruin anyone’s hike cause Goose was running around off leash and bothered them some way. But carrying around a leash and fumbling to find the clip can sometimes be time-consuming and by the time I get the leash on Goose’s collar and all situated on the trail the other hiker or dog or bike has already passed, now with the Release N Run made caring a leash a thing of the past for Goose and it’s easy to use and readily available I don’t have to clip a leash onto his collar cause it’s already there!

A concern for me was the retractable part I wanted to make sure it was strong, well it’s strong! The cable is made with climbers webbing, Cordura® and Spectra® cord, the RNR is strong enough for dogs weighing up to 110lbs. Spectra, made by Honeywell® is one of the world’s strongest and lightest fibers. The internal retracting mechanism, originally designed for extended use in salt water by scuba divers and for the tethering of tools and weapons for the police and military, has been designed for maximum strength and durability. This gave me peace of mind that the materials used on this product are top notch, we even used this collar when wet and it performed flawlessly!

Goose testing out how waterproof the Run N Release collars are

To make sure you get the right fit for your dog Rad Dog offers four sizes determined by your dog’s neck size and approximate weight. They come in a wide array of colors too!

ready to run
  • Who will Benefit from Release N Run Dog Leash: Is your dog reliable off leash, but want to have a leash readily assessable if needed. Then the Release N Run Dog Leash is for you!
  • Who shouldn’t get a Release N Run Dog Leash: Your dog can’t be trusted off leash, then this collar-leash combo probably isn’t the best option for you.


**Rad Dog also sent over their collapsable water and food bowl this bowl only weighs in at 1oz! and can fit in your pocket and half the time you forget it is there! Holds a lot of water too and it has a wide opening for larger dogs. If your worried about weight or just going for a walk and don’t want to carry a bulky silicon bowl this is the perfect collapsible dog bowl!

Getting a drink from the Rad Dog collapsible water bowl
We love Rad Dog Check them out!

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