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My Dusty Desert Dogs love chews but I am very picky on the chews I choose! Lots of dog chews are made with tons of preservatives and additives. I have had some bad experiences in the past with other companies and their dog chews, they caused my dogs to have diarrhea or vomit up the chews later on. So If anyone was going to put these chews to the test it would be these three pups. Its great to have three dogs as it is a great way to gauge the chews  because all three of my Dusty Desert Dogs are all different chewers. Dante the German Shepherd is picky… very picky. He will turn his nose up at a lot of treats, dog food, or chews he would be the taste tester for sure, Goose is a pretty hard chewer he goes threw chews so fast I think they are more of a dog treat then a chew so he will be the strength/durability tester. Sheba is older but it doesn’t slow her down, she is a pretty average chewer but if the chew is to hard she will walk away because it no longer holds her interest.


Smoked Oxtrails from Raw Paws Pet Food (10 in one package)
Smoked Oxtrails from Raw Paws Pet Food (10 in one package)


When we received the chews from Raw Paws Pet Food we were all so excited to get started! Goose was with me when the mail came and he knew exactly what he wanted when I opened the package. We opened the Smoked Oxtail first, I read the package and loved how strait forward it was 100% all-natural, USA raised, USDA inspected, No preservatives, No additives, No fillers and minimally Processed. Everything I could ever want in a chew for my dogs.

All three of my Dusty Desert Dogs LOVE the Smoked Oxtails. You could tell the oxtail chews had minimal processing cause they really resembled a real oxtail with different thicknesses. I was pleasantly surprised how long the chews lasted and that there really wasn’t much of an odor which I loved! The nutritional befits of the Smoked Oxtails are great too the glucosamine and chondroitin help improve the dog’s joint function and reduce inflammation caused by age, arthritis, or hip dyspepsia. The Smoked Oxtails from Raw Paws Pet Food are our house favorite!




Up next the classic bully stick, and I might add not all bully sticks are created equal, yes I have had cases where some brands of bully sticks did not settle well with Dante, Sheba and Goose. But After 2 weeks of testing no one had a upset tummy no vomiting or diarrhea. I always worry about when the bully sticks get really small and to tiny to chew but still a large enough in size to swallow and possibly cause damage. I didn’t have to worry about that with the bully sticks from Raw Paws Pet Food though, they are 100% digestible so I did not have to worry about damage to their intestinal tract or a blockage.

 The Jumbo Dehydrated Bully Sticks from Raw Paws Pet Food are low odor, antibiotic fee, no added hormones, free range and grass fed. My dogs love the hard chewy texture of the bully sticks, they lasted a lot longer then other bully sticks too. The hard chewy texture is great for their teeth, the Bully Sticks help reduce plaque and tarter build-up by stimulating the dog’s teeth and gums which is great cause two of my dogs are seniors and their dental health is important to me.

Overall, both these dog chews surpassed my expectations, both the oxtails and Bully sticks are 6in long. I like the size as it worked perfect for my dogs it lasted long enough but it also was short enough that they wanted to finish it and I didn’t have a half chewed chew hiding in my house. Both the chews are made from high quality ingredients and the fact that they are not littered with additives and preservatives is a huge selling point to me. These chews are not only great mental stimulation for the dogs but great for the dogs health. The best part is they are delivered right to your door! I would highly recommend these chews from Raw Paws Pet Food to anyone!







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