One tough Hike

It was a brisk early morning Goose and I headed out, I with coffee in hand to go off on a hike in the Superstition Mountains with our friend and her two dogs Chipper and Quinci. It was a new trail one I never hiked before so i was really excited! But i was informed from my friend that the trail is HARD. Naw it cant be that hard right? well was i in for a rude awaking. We pulled into the turn out for the trail head. And got our packs all situated and ready for our hike.


Off we went, and not even half way into the trail i knew I was going to feel this one. There were not switchbacks on this trail it was a direct approach and it was strait up! We did do good only about 5 water/resting breaks till we reached the false summit… which was fine for me cause if we dared try to climb to the real summit that day it would have been along day. We took a break near the top and enjoyed the view. Its normally very sunny in Arizona but not today it was overcast with the clouds moving quickly above us. The breeze was actually chilly but i think that had something to do with out sweat drenched shirts. Of course The dogs were not phased by this hike, they enjoyed every minuteĀ of it and they were the ones helping drive us on.


On the way down the trail was easy it made us forget how hard this feat was. When we reached the trail head we were spent and the dogs enjoyed a nice little nap on the way home.


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