Monument Canyon

Monument Canyon Trail

You know you had a awesome hike when your trail food is delicious and the company is even better! Kaite and I took our Dusty Desert Dogs Chipper, Quinci, and Goose on a hike to Monument Canyon yesterday morning. It was particularly warm this morning as the desert decided to get a 10 degree warm up. It was nice but once we start getting our bodies moving and blood starts pumping sweaters come off. Chipper and Goose were very focused the beginning of the hike as the trail is pretty rocky they were watching every step they took, it was nice not getting tugged along the trail the first mile or so.




We came up to the fork in the trail the one to the right would take us to the Broadway cave or to left Monument Canyon. Well we all know where we went, off to the canyon. We arrived at some amazing remains of an old fire place that an old German miner lived at one time when mining for gold and silver in the Superstition Mountains. Broadway cave was one of those mines. There is also a wreckage from a World War II training aircraft which crashed in this canyon April 10, 1948. We sat at the old fire place for a bit and Katie and I enjoyed some delicious vegan breakfast burritos. Goose shared his Peanut Butter TurboPUP bar with Chipper and Quinci, and we all had enough energy to carry on with our hike into the canyon. I wouldn’t mind going back to explore this canyon even more, but with the bushwhack and bouldering it does take up a lot of time. We went pretty far into the canyon, and we could have went farther, but knew we should head back. The two boys and the little pup were definitely slowing down after all the jumping from boulder to boulder. It was a pleasant descent back to the trail head.



Trail Name: Monument Canyon

Directions to the mouth of the Canyon: Take Broadway trail head to Jacobs Crosscut trail #58, then pass the Lost Goldmine Trail bear right and continue to the next fork in the trail, to the Monument Canyon Trail take the left trail.

Location: Apache Junction, AZ

Parking: Small parking lot for about 6 cars on the left hand side of Broadway road before the road starts curving towards the neighborhood. (no fee)

Duration of hike: 4/5 hours

Miles: 2/3 miles

Type of hike: One way (hike in – hike out)

Elevation Gain: 918 feet


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