Molly Mutt Review & Giveaway!

While a lot of people already did their spring cleaning I’m over here doing some summer cleaning! With the Arizona summer in full swing and me being stuck in doors, I’ve been going threw stuff and with my little one about to start school I had to go threw all her old clothes she out grew. I then went threw all my clothes and husbands stuff and found some old towels and sheets. Now I did donate the gently used stuff but some of the kids clothes and towels were gnarly. So most of the time these clothes would end up in the trash and in a land fill and I didn’t want to put these things in the trash–when you combine industrial and personal use, it’s estimated that we put an average of 68 pounds of textiles in the trash every year, per household. But thankfully I was contacted by Molly Mutt to do a product review an was given the 100,000 Fireflies Dog Duvet by Molly Mutt. But what the heck dose a dog duvet have to do with old clothes? Well the awesome thing about Molly Mutt is that all the old clothes, pillows, linens or old dog bed stuff can be re-purposed and stuffed into the Molly Mutt Dog Bed Stuff Sack and put into the Molly Mutt Dog Duvet. Its so convenient to wash as the bed filling is just old clothes and/or linens! Another added bonus to the Molly Mutt bed is that the bed acts like a security blanket, the comforting smell of your clothes and old stuff can help your dog relax and love their bed even more! I was sent the Outside water resistant bed ‘dog duvet’ I also got the dog bed stuff sack and armor, water-resistant liner a perfect combo for indoor, outdoor and even camping!

Molly Mutt Dog Duvet’s come in many fashionable colors and sizes check out your options HERE.


Price for Medium Outdoor Duvet: $35.00 (comes with Stuff Sack)

Price for Medium Armor, Water-Resistant liner: $17.50

Design: Rating 5/5

I really love how you can reuse old clothes, linens and old dog beds to create a new stylish bed for your pup. The medium sized bed works perfect for Goose and Sheba, they both can lay on the bed and look comfortable. Now for Dante, he is a German Shepherd so the bed is smaller for him and would most likely need the large, but I requested the medium for car camping. A added benefit is that everything is able to be washed in the washing machine.



Quality: Rating 5/5

The quality of the stuff sack, water-resistant cover and duvet all have very sturdy zippers that are easy to open and close and do not snag. The materials are all top quality and the material for the outdoor bed is water resistant but is still very soft and comfortable for the pups to cuddle on.



Function: Rating 5/5

It is the most functional bed in the house! The fact that I can stuff it with my old clothes in the house and up-cycle them is super functional! Its also very functional cause my dogs all want to lay on it, it has everyone’s smell on it and its the most in demand bed in the house!


Overall: Rating 5/5

Its a home run! I couldn’t be happier with this bed from Molly Mutt, all my dogs love it and I love it cause it helped me up-cycle my old clothes and kept them out of the land fill. The water resistant materials will be perfect for when we go camping or hanging out on the patio, cause Goose is always putting his paws in the water dish and we irrigate so wet dogs happen a lot around my house. I would highly recommend this bed to someone looking for a bed but doesn’t to leave a massive carbon foot print, or for someone who has a dog who might have a bit of separation anxiety the comforting smell of your old clothes might be something that he/she might need.



Enter for your chance to win a Molly Mutt Duevt of your choice! All you have to do is post a comment bellow to enter to win a Molly Mutt Dog Duvet of your choice One ( 1 ) lucky winner will be picked! Starting today Firday, July 12th 11:59pm EST you can enter for your chance to win a Dog Duvet of your choice from Molly Mutt! All you have to do is fill out the Rafflecopter widget on ‘Molly Mutt Review & Giveaway!’ post, and post a comment to enter for your chance to win! One “Winner” will be randomly selected July. 19th The ( 1 ) winner will be announced on our Facebook page on Friday, July 22th. Be sure you’re following us so you don’t miss out! Good luck!


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67 thoughts on “Molly Mutt Review & Giveaway!

  1. This looks awesome! It seems there is always an old blanket around that the pups love to use and now it can be covered in a cute, outdoorsy duvet! Love the camper print and love that they have an outdoor option to help protect against the weather.

  2. This would be the perfect solution for our rescue pup Frank! He is constantly taking our clothes and dragging them onto his bed. Plus a great option for spring cleaning!

  3. I’d like to win because our cat keeps stealing Dexter’s bed so this would be a nice option for one of them to take over 🙂

  4. This is such a wonderful idea!! It would make my pups so happy to have my old clothes in their bed. It would be so calming for them!!

  5. We absolutely LOVE our Molly Mutt bed and do have to order a second one soon. We aren’t entering however, since we did our own giveaway… anyone who wins will LOVE their bed!

  6. Hi! My favorite part of these beds is that you can use your own clothing and other materials that smell like us! I know that helps when I have to crate them in the car so this serves two purposes — great for a crate and comforting for the dog. Thanks!

  7. Hi! I am in love with your Instagram and am super inspired to to more with my dog. Thank you!

    It would be awesome to when the bed

  8. We have and love our Molly Mutt for travels. We use a doggie pillow in the car and take it with us into the hotel to use with the Molly Mutt. It travels and wears so well.

  9. We have one Molly Mutt bed and my pets love it. I’d love to win another one because they can’t all fit on it at once and some don’t like to cuddle. Of the 6 pet beds in the house, the Molly Mutt is everyone’s favorite.

  10. Love the look of the bed and looks like the dogs love it. So cool that you can recycle old stuff that you wouldn’t be able to give away (we get lots of that too). Sadly in Canada so not eligible for contest.

  11. What a great concept, I love how this pet bed repurposes old clothing. I like that you can use the bed outdoors & wash it easily. Great review!
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  12. We’ve seen these before they look really functional and practical. Since I’m a grammar freak I want to let you know that you’re using the wrong “threw” for “through.” Love Dolly

  13. That is a fun, and colourful bed cover! I love the different fabrics available and that you can use old items of clothing to fill the stuff-sack.

  14. What a neat idea!!! I love it everyone’s smells will be on it and in it. Very cool. I think my cats would really like it, so I’m going to enter! It would be especially helpful for one of my cats, Sassy, who I am working on socializing and integrating with the others. If I filled the bed with blankets and things that have my other cats’ smells on them and put it in Sassy’s room, maybe it would help her to warm up to them! Thanks for the awesome giveaway.

  15. I have always admired (coveted) that duvet cover. I love the print. I do love that the cover can be stuffed with old clothes, although my kids would probably think it’s not comfortable enough. They are spoiled 🙂 I could go buy a bunch of old fleece blankets from the thrift store though.

  16. I have a new puppy, one bed two dogs, so I need another comfy place for them to lay and something with my scent inside would be comforting when I have to leave them home.

  17. My dogs need a new bed as one of theirs is falling apart. This would be a great option for them as it would be easy to wash and we could stuff it with old clothes and things we already have.

  18. That is just a brilliant idea! My dog loves to curl up on clothes left on the floor and burrow into my blankets. I think he’d love a bed stuffed with my clothes that would smell familiar and comforting to him. Hope I win!

  19. The Dog Duvet by Molly Mutt looks like such a great idea. I haven’t heard about it before. I have so many clothes that are worn out or that I don’t wear. This would really work well!

  20. The Molly Mutt beds are the easiest to wash, I love that they can be taken apart and thoroughly cleaned. And they are cute too!!

  21. Would love to get one of these beds for our dog, Remi! The fact that it’s water resistant would be great for our water loving pup!

  22. I love the idea of using things I already have for bed stuffing and being able to easily wash and dry it all!!!!! My dog is quite large, long haired and we literally live in a rainforest so we are a little too familiar with mud and the aroma of wet dog in the truck, in the kennel, in the house… oh and Boudreaux would love to have such an adorable and good smelling bed to call his own.

  23. This is the best idea!! My dog absolutely loves to lay on my clothes. If I win he can lay on my clothes in great style!!

  24. These are super cute and look super easy to wash when they get dirty. We’ve been looking for an outdoor type bed/cover!

  25. These are super cute! Look like they would be easy to clean when dirty and I love that they are usable outdoors too.

  26. Love your photos! Molly Mutt is such a clever idea that allows for a variety of covers and to use materials that we already have in our home to make a comfy dog bed. How cool!!

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