Metrovac Air Force Commander

After all our hiking trips, camping and paddle boarding I always come home with happy dirty dogs and bath time is inevitable. But living with a German Shepherd and an Australian Shepherd my house is plagued with hair and bath time is always a chore. After bathing I towel dry them the best I can cause a wet dog inside the house is counterproductive in keeping my house somewhat clean. I also fight with shedding it seems like after bath time they lose even more hair, I have used a human blow dryer and it just wasn’t cutting it. I am by no means a professional groomer and I figured that the dryers that groomers used were unavailable to the regular dog owner and if I could get one the price would be a ridiculous price. I went to a self-service pet wash station near my house and I saw MetroVac as the brand that was used in the self-service pet grooming. I reached out to MetroVac, and they were so kind to send the MetroVac Air Force Commander over for me to test and review. I was also informed by their staff that human hair dryers are not good to use on pets as the heat from the dryer can damage the pet’s hair and is also very hard on the pet’s skin.

The MetroVac Air Force Commander is perfect for quickly and safely drying your dogs at home. The Air Force Commander comes in a large array of colors to choose from pink, purple, green, blue or the original orange color.

We got the Air Force Commander Variable Speed 4.0HP in orange, The Variable speed was wonderful for introducing the pet dryer to the boys, I could have it on the low setting and get them use to it before turning it up. It’s also nice to use around the head an ears if your dog is extra sensitive.

This all-steel, American-made pet dryer has been around for 30 years

  • A lightweight pet dryer is so powerful you will forget it’s portable.
  • A floor/table pet dryer with variable-speed control allows you to groom large or small breeds.
  • Powerful enough for drying heavy coated breeds.
  • Ideal for the grooming professional or pet owner.
  • Variable control units are great for all dogs big and small long haired and short and those pets sensitive to the noise level.

Features include: easy change filter and dual mounted legs that allow the Air Force Commander to be used vertically or horizontally.

What you get: You get the Air Force commander and 3 hose attachments

The hose on the Air Force Commander is long enough to get around the table or dog without tugging or dragging around the dryer. The cord is also long enough to plug in and set up where ever is most comfortable for you and your dog.

Drying Goose and Dante was wonderful it was quicker than towel drying, it also blew out any loose hair that may have been loosened due to bath time or shedding. Now while Goose and Dante are not Huskies they do have a large amount of hair and shed all the time. The Air Force Commander has been a lifesaver and has helped reduce shedding.

Need to just do a quick dry? We live on a property where we deep water irrigate so our yard essentially floods and well the dogs do play in the water and get wet. I normally had to towel dry and get the brush to get any loose bits of grass or leaves out of their fur, but with the Air Force Commander, it literally blew water, dirt, and dry grass right out of Dante and Goose’s hair. This saved me time and backache, I was very pleased and I think the boys were to cause it was over in a few min.

Overall I would highly recommend this to anyone who grooms their dogs at home and if their dogs are on the fluffier side, now remember Dante isn’t a super fluffy guy but boy does he shed and take forever to dry and the Air Force Commander made it so much easier to bath and groom two dogs. Now it’s not cheap to get this dryer ($225-$325) but if you factor in trips to the groomer which can run around $45-$85 depending on the size of your dog and where you go and how many dogs you have to get groomed the MetroVac pays for its self after a few uses. MetroVac was also kind enough to send over a coupon code for anyone who is interested!

Use code DUSTY20 for 20% off all PET products. 

Coupon code does not apply to parts and accessories or previous orders. 

Free Shipping on all orders over $50 shipped within the continental US. 

Offer not to be combined with any other promotion.

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