Meet the Dogs of Dusty Desert Dogs

Welcome to Dusty Desert Dogs! I think the best way to start things off is with some quick introductions of the dogs that inspired this blog and make my life whole.

It all started off with a red dog. My husband and I new we wanted to rescue a dog and in 2007 we went to our local human society and just went to “look”. Like that ever happens! A little 1 year old red dog caught my husbands eye but the papers on her kennel said on hold. I stopped looking right then and there I didn’t want to become attached but my husband went and talked with someone who worked there. She was on hold but the people never came to get her. So we took her on a walk and played with her at the shelter we fell in love. The little red girls name is Sheba and she started it all. 9 years later she is still as devoted and loving as ever even though she is 10 years old she still has enough pep to chase and play.



Dante the German Shepherd dog was a long over due birthday present for my husband, with his resent lost his childhood dog who was a shepherd mix and never having a puppy before I knew what we had to do. So we went to a reparable breeder sense he wanted a puppy my husband never had a puppy ever. So this was his first one. Dante walked over to him and fell a sleep on his lap while the other puppies played with each other. we were sold. At 7 years old Dante has enough energy to power a small town. They say a Shepherd will slow down as they age, he has not he will out run and out play a lot of dogs his age and younger. He is a super sweet boy loves his humans and will protect them at all costs.



Now Goose, he came into our lives after a tragic loss of our dog Wyatt. He helped our family heal and brought some laughter back into the Dusty Desert Dogs home. He came from a reparable breeder in Winkleman, AZ. He was born on Earth day in 2013. Goose is a bit more social so he tends to go on a lot more outings. He loves hiking, Agility, obedience and learning new tricks. He is also a glorified Frisbee addict, and pizza thief.

Such a happy boy!
Such a happy boy!


With out these dogs my life would feel so empty, but with all the love i get everyday from them it makes everyday wonderful.





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