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Dante is almost 8 years old now and you would think a 75 lb german shepherd would start slowing down, but he hasn’t. Ok, maybe a little but not enough for people ask his age and get surprised when I say almost 8 years old. Dante has been getting sore though after running around the yard playing Frisbee or a long hike he will start limping, and you can tell is his hips bothering him. I know its old age and I want to help him live a pain free life and stay active and happy running around. I was approached by SierraSil to review their Leaps and Bounds formula for dogs, they are chicken flavored soft chews for dogs. SierraSill is recommended for preventative action for dogs of any age with a predisposition to joint issues. Or dogs showing signs of aging, joint stiffness, reduced flexibility and mobility, and signs of swelling. Everything Dante was showing.


Ingredient list:

Active ingredient per 1 Chew:
SierraSil® (naturally occurring hydrothermal clay complex) 300mg, Inactive ingredients are- Canola Lecithin, Chicken, Dehydrated Ground Potato, Garlic Powder, Glucono-Delta-Lactone, Glycerin, Green Pea Powder, Lactic Acid, Mixed Tocopherols (preservative), Natural Smoke Flavor, pork Gelatin, pork Lard, Rosemary Extract, Tapioca Starch, Vegetable Monoglycerides, Water.


SierraSill Leaps and bounds will…

-Support healthy joints and flexibility
-Help maintain joint mobility
-Ease joint stiffness due to normal daily exercise and activity
-Help keep dogs in peak condition


It is recommended for best results to feed the chews daily and make sure the pet has plenty of water to drink. The recommended weight dependent dosage is as follows:

Up to 20lbs
51lbs and over
1 chew daily
2 chews daily
3 chews daily


Dante was giving a weeks worth of chews he took 3 chews every morning for a week for his body weight. The chews were eaten easily and Dante seemed to like them he never rejected them and gobbled them right up, which is great cause he can be very picky with dog treats. I did see a small change in his moment around day 6 and 7, I wonder if he would have gotten even more moment and became more pain free? But I was only given a weeks worth to test and review. From my finding I did see a small improvement, but it didn’t happen over night it will probably take week or more to see full effect of this product.


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