Kitty Joe Canyon

I have been so busy with hiking and trying to cram as many hikes as I can into this last little bit of winter/spring that the desert has and I forgot to post about our hike to Bushnell Tanks! Its definitely one of my new favorites (as I went twice! with my daughter and my friend Katie). It is a little more of a drive then I normally make but it was well worth it. The trail was fairly quiet even thought we saw two vehicles which I don’t know how they go down there with the gates being closed, I assume they have access due to some private land. But other then that it was relatively quiet and secluded. We crossed Sycamore creek 5 times which is always wonderful here in the desert! Water is always welcome in all forms. I couldn’t have asked for a better day.



Trail Name: Bushnell Tanks

Directions to Trail Head/Staging: Kitty Joe Canyon turn off of Highway 87, commonly known as the Beeline Highway. The Gates are closed to drive threw but you can park and hike down the road.

Location: Sunflower, AZ

Parking: Parking is free, But there is limited parking near the TH. The gates to drive down the dirt road were locked as well.

Trail: Old FR wide with not many obstacles other then the 5 creek crossings you do make. You can take the trail 3 different directions, it is and in and out hike but the Arizona Trail dose connect to this trail.

Duration of Hike: it all depends on how much you want to hike, It took us about 4 hours to hike in and out.

Miles: Again it depends on where you want to hike but that day we hiked 9 miles and there was still many other trails to explore.

Type of hike: In and Out (unless you are hiking the Arizona Trail which is a threw hike)

Elevation Gain: Unknown – But we did make a fair climb once we left the canyon.


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