Keeping cool in the Desert

I know if i went into detail about living in the desert with your dog, I would end up with a novel. So I thought shorten it up to the 5 major things people ask me about when living in the desert with dogs and how we stay so cool.

Exercise, When and how do we exercise when its hot out? We walk early in the morning or late at night. Sometimes here in Arizona the heat will be to much for some dogs as soon as the sun comes up. So being a early bird or night owl will work in your favor if you live here. That goes for hikes as well. If you have a indoor doggy day care or dog park that works even better. Then you know your dog will be in a a/c environment out of the blistering heat.  You don’t want the pups paws getting burnt either if the ground is to hot for you to walk bear foot on its way to hot for your 4 legged friend to walk on it.

Fur, now a lot of people will say “but long hair dogs when properly groomed will stay cool cause of their hair.” Well this is true the hair works as a swamp cooler and keeps the skin cool but that’s only for a short period of time. Once the hair starts heading up it will retain the heat thus making your dog very hot. So don’t go shave your friend or they might get sun burned on their skin just try and walk or play when the temps and sun are not as harsh during the day.

Take breaks! If you see your dog staring to really slow down then find a shady spot and relax just wait a bit or even better just stop and go back inside to the a/c.

Shade, plenty of shade is best if you can go on walks or excessive in a park with lots of trees the trees will help block the suns rays and here is a matter or 10/15 degree change from direct sunlight to shade.

And the number one rule of the desert! Plenty of clean drinking water! If you have a kiddy pool that’s even better, anyway to keep your dog cool. Even if your dog doesn’t like water some times you need to just get them wet. Sheba my cattle dog doesn’t like getting into the kiddy pool when she is hot so i either wet her down with the hose or get wet towels to cool her off if she is to hot.

the desert doesn’t have to be a scary place just have to be smart. Be creative in ways to keep your dog cool in the summer months.



2 thoughts on “Keeping cool in the Desert

  1. Those are great tips – early or late walks, plenty of cool water, and breaks/AC! Although we’re not in the desert at all, our summers here in NC can get really hot & humid, and we follow the same routine you pointed out. The pups also have a doggie pool to splash around in when they’re out back in the yard during the day (never for very long though).
    I love the layout & design of your blog, by the way – great theme!

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