Hurtta Mountain Rope Leash

Size: 6ft x 1/3 in and 6ft x 1/2 in wide

Color: Raven, Cherry, Juniper, Birch, Raspberry, Bolete

Price: $39.00

Key Features

  • Highly durable
  • 3M reflectors
  • Comfortable to hold in hand
  • Light aluminum clips
  • Washable

Goose and Dante got the chance to test and review the Hurtta mountain rope leash from our good friends over from Hurtta North America. This rope leash is not like your typical “climbing rope leash” with 3M reflective material in the soft and supple rope and the light aluminum clips and hardware definitely makes this leash stand out. The added Ring on the handle is perfect for poop bags, attach to a hip belt to hold the leash with a carabiner or if you remove the leash it’s easy to drape it across your body and clip it.

Dante is sporting the Raven colored Mountain Rope Leash and Goose has the Juniper Leash.

The mountain rope leash is easy to clean and dries quickly if it gets wet, it also holds up well to sand and dust. That is normally the demise of most of the leashes we have here in the desert, it’s the fine sand and dust gets trapped in the fibers of the leash. This makes cleaning the leash difficult even with soap and water, but the mountain rope leash repelled the dirt and sand wonderfully with the leash still looks brand new. We also got to see how the leash does in the snow and of course, it performed wonderfully.

Super soft, and durable Mountain rope leash is perfect for all our adventures!

I really love the reflective 3M material inside the leash with days being shorter right now cause of winter I really liked the added safety the leash adds on our evening walks.

Overall I really like these leashes, I would consider these to be my go-to leash style the soft but durable rope with the reflective material in it make sit a perfect leash for walks around the neighborhood or sunset hikes in the desert. The added ring makes it perfect for poop bags or to clip the leash to myself. Hurtta knows how to make products that last and I see this leash lasting a good long time.

Goose is holding a 6ft x 1/2 wide, color Juniper, Mountain Rope Leash

A bit about Hurtta

Hurtta’s business is based on knowing what pets need, and wanting to provide them with ever better products. Also wanting to make the everyday lives of dog owners easier, by offering safe, high-quality products that are easy to identify and that meet exactly the right needs. Hurtta believes that dogs make us better people.

Hurtta product designs, they take into account the build and movement patterns of different dog breeds, when the dogs run and play. The objective is to come up with products that are ergonomic, functional and match the needs of the dogs. Houndtex, our proprietary high-performance fabric, is weather resistant, breathable, water and wind resistant. The seams are taped, which guarantees impermeability.

Hurtta is established in Kuopio, Finland.

You can find Hurtta retailers in North America by going here: Hurtta247 Stockists.

If you love Hurtta and want to learn more about them I would recommend checking Hurtta out on Facebook and liking their page. They are often looking for product testers and run giveaways for chances to win their products. 

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