Hurtta Jogging Leash & Padded Y-Harness


Hurtta Padded Y-Harness

Sizes: 14-39″

Price $30.00

Our Good friends at Hurtta sent over the padded Y-harness for us to test out and review. We took it on a week-long camping trip, have gone on hikes, swimming in the river and even bike rides around town. The padded Y- harness has been a great go to harness for Goose it’s easy to adjust and slip on. Just one paw has to step through and the rest is easy. I love the way Hurtta designed this harness just for dogs with back or neck problems. Even though Goose doesn’t have a back or neck problem, he will pull on the leash from time to time. So when he does pull I want to make sure he is safe. He was wearing a regular collar once and he would almost choke himself if he saw a squirrel or a stray cat. If the dog pulls on the leash, the close-fitting harness will distribute the pressure evenly across the chest, preventing damages to the dog’s vertebrae and the dog’s neck. The wide neoprene padded, and the reflective harness is also a great alternative to a collar, your dog’s tags can be attached right to the D-ring in the back but the harness also has a convenient information tag located on the harness as well. The 3M reflectors are great in low light and really stand out and make the dog be seen! This harness is great for a low profile harness that will protect your pups back and neck.

Hurtta Jogging Leash

Leash size (Adjustable length) 60-90cm and 105-180cm

Price: $35.00

Hands-free! Yes, please! But this is a very different hands-free it’s not a waist belt, the “hands fee” part of the leash does go on your hand but in a very ergonomical way. The padded handle grip is designed so you can slip your thumb through to keep your hand snug but secure when running, walking or hiking but still free to get a treat open your backpack or check our phone without ever dropping the leash. I could see this leash working well if you have a set of trekking poles and want to be able to hold the leash in your hand comfortably and hold the polls. The leash is also adjustable and comes in two different lengths we received the 105-180cm leash and it worked out great cause we could adjust the leash shorter on busy trails but then let the leash out for more freedom when we were on trails that didn’t have as much foot traffic. The flexi section is located towards the bottom of the leash and is very hard to pull, so I was skeptical at first if this “bungee” would even work, well Hurtta proved me wrong and it really decreased the stress when Goose suddenly when to pull on the leash after a squirrel. The 3M reflective material is another perk to this already awesome leash, It’s been a great leash for going on our evening walks and out adventuring.


A bit about Hurtta

Hurtta’s business is based on knowing what pets need, and wanting to provide them with ever better products. Also wanting to make the everyday lives of dog owners easier, by offering safe, high-quality products that are easy to identify and that meet exactly the right needs. Hurtta believes that dogs make us better people.

Hurtta product designs, they take into account the build and movement patterns of different dog breeds, when the dogs run and play. The objective is to come up with products that are ergonomic, functional and match the needs of the dogs. Houndtex, our proprietary high-performance fabric, is weather resistant, breathable, water and wind resistant. The seams are taped, which guarantees impermeability.

Hurtta is established in Kuopio, Finland.

You can find Hurtta retailers in North America by going here: Hurtta247 Stockists.

If you love Hurtta and want to learn more about them I would recommend checking Hurtta out on Facebook and liking their page. They are often looking for product testers and run giveaways for chances to win their products. 

20 thoughts on “Hurtta Jogging Leash & Padded Y-Harness

  1. I only use a harness on Miss Edie since she is a pug and a collar is not the best solution for this breed. Although she is not a puller on her walks, I am always on the lookout for new harness options. Thank you!

  2. I love that it sounds that it would be very comfortable for our pets to wear! That to me is very important other than stability and structure of course but I want my pup comfy too.

  3. We’ve heard amazing things about Hurtta and their quality. I’m glad you were able to give this product a try. May you have more fun adventures together now that you have this fancy new leash!

  4. Even though I don’t job (can’t, health reasons), I do use harnesses on my Huskies while walking. This looks like a really great one to check out. And it’s great that you included a sizing chart. Thanks so much for the review!

  5. We love Hurtta – they make great products. Kilo is not much of a jogger and nor am I (bad knees) but I do like the look of the padded harnesses as he pulls on our walks. Easy to put on and safe. Thanks for sharing.

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