Hiking the Hieroglyphics Trail

Early morning hikes are rough to wake up for but the reward out ways the groggy feeling once you get your blood pumping on the trail.
Yesterday morning i was awakened to my phone alarm 6am… that’s not to bad. I rushed to make my cup of coffee and to get Goose his breakfast so we both had energy to tackle a hike this morning.
We met up with our new friends we met threw Instagram that are local. You should check them out @chip_n_quin
There were so many thing to explore and the trail was beautiful. Sense we left so early we didn’t run into anyone on the trail. only a few as we were leaving when we finally got to the petroglyphs we took the opportunity to look around admire the ancient art/stories left on the rocks.
The hike was a fun one pretty easy going and once you get close to the petroglyphs you have to do some bolder scrambling. But at the end is the reward, there was also a small little cave near by. The trail does continue but its a longer hike and what i have herd a hard one. Maybe when winter is in full swing i’ll attempt it. Till then i’m looking forward to more crisp morning hikes.


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