Group Hike to Massacre Falls

Massacre Falls, what a appropriately named hike to do a few days before Halloween. It started out like every hike does a early morning cup of coffee and the pups eating their breakfast. I decided I would take two dogs this time normally when I go out I can only handle one at a time but i felt daring. Sheba is a sweet girl just not the most social/playful when meeting new dogs. Heck she doesn’t really even play that much with the dogs in her house hold its very rare she likes to play, but when she does its with her humans. So anyways i left earlier then normal to pick up my friend and her dog Hope. We met up with my other two friends and their dogs. So in total for our group hike we had 7 dogs on the trail. It was a chilly morning something us desert dwellers haven’t felt in a while. Sadly it was short lived once the sun came up over the Superstition Mountains. The Sun quickly warmed us and our light jackets were sadly stuffed in our packs.



Before we set out on hikes we always do some research on the trails we hike to make sure our dogs can do them and that we bring the right amount of water and supplies. Well this trail gave us a few surprises, such as it was a little more difficult then we planed it to be. I was so proud of Sheba she did so well for her first hike in a while, she is a 10 year old girl and she managed to keep up just fine. Even with all the quick elevation gains and descents. Hopefully over the next few months Sheba will get into better shape, it will only benefit her and her health, so i know that is something we will be working on.



We eventually made it to the Massacre Falls and it was beautiful, dry but beautiful. Sometimes you never know what card you will be dealt in the desert. Sometimes you get water sometimes you don’t. We took a well deserved break at the falls, and then made our way back. Thankfully it was more of a descent so we did make it back faster. I ran out of water right at our last water break. thank goodness I always have water in the truck. The dogs and us got our water and the dogs rested in the shade of a old mesquite tree and the shade of the truck.


We said good bye to our other two friends and my other friend and I stopped by Dairy Queen and got the dogs some Pup Cups sense they did such a great job hiking and it was a nice cool treat. It was a great way to end a already prefect morning.


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