Geronimo trail to East Webber Creek

Here is more information on the trail we took on our first backpacking trip.




Trail Name: East Webber Creek via Geronimo Trail

Directions to Trail Head: Hwy 87 to Payson continue towards Pine, Control Rd. is on the right hand side, follow Control Rd. to Webber Creek turn off, continue down the dirt road to a small turn out on the right you will see the trail head to the Geronimo Trail and a sign in book.

Location: Pine, AZ

Parking: Parking is free, and limited only about 4 cars and park comfortably

Trail: the trail starts out narrow but widens to almost the with of a FR but it is not groomed like on there is still large rocks and roots on the trail. It is also a meandering trail with varying ups and downs. You start out on the Geronimo Trail which connects to East Webber Creek trail. Pay attention to the trail signs as there are many intersecting trails and it is easy to take the wrong one.

Duration of the Hike: I took us only 3 hours to get to Webber Creek were we stopped to set up camp, we also stopped along the way and  took photos, we were also caring our backpacking packs. You could make a day hike out of this and it would only be 5/6 hours if you did the whole trail in and out.

Miles: 4 miles in 4 miles out if you hike to the end of Geronimo trail

Type of Hike: In and Out

Elevation Gain: 1,203 feet

2 thoughts on “Geronimo trail to East Webber Creek

  1. What a great adventure! I live in AZ but haven’t been to Webber Creek. It’s definitely going on my list of places to visit. Such awesome photos!
    Love & biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

    1. Its a great trail and very beautiful! I would recommend going before July as Camp Geronimo (the Boy Scout Camp) is right there so I know it probably will get busy during that time when camp is in session.

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