Fuel For Desert Dogs

Hiking, Swimming, Running, Mountain Bike rides!

Sounds like a lot of fun until you tummy starts rumbling and you start to fatigue. Don’t worry you have a power bar or a sandwich in your pack! But wait, if your like us and Hike, Swim. Run and Mountain Bike ride with your Dogs! Where is their sandwich? Well I can tell you right now we use to pack dog treats but that only goes so far and they are treat! That’s like eating skittles when your hungry and need energy, eating a treat wont sustain enough energy to get back to the trail head.


I remember when I first came across TurboPUP. I thought to myself what a great idea! Well like any dog mom I did research on this product to make sure this is something worth my while. It exceeded my expectations! TurboPUP bars have been formulated to exceed AAFCO standards for all stages of life for dogs with added vitamins, minerals and omega-3s. Packed with 28 grams of protein! So that means its a meal, not a energy shot or protein bar, its a meal meant to sustain energy so my best friend can make it back to the trail head happy not dog tired.


I’m sure some people are like “hey why don’t I just bring zip-lock bags of dog food” hey that’s great for at home but what if your trying to save on weight in your pack or your dogs pack? The bars are a high quality food source dense in calories so you wont have to bring his dog bowl or dog food in a zip-lock bag. And I have been guilty of forgetting to grab the big bag of dog food. If your forgetful like me or get busy, I just leave the bars in his pack or in my pack and never have to worry about weight or if the zip-lock bag is properly sealed.

Goose and I both love TurboPUP and we love them so much we are Brand Ambassadors for them! If you want to try TurboPUP bars message me and I can set you up with a 5% off coupon code.


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