I could hardly sleep Tuesday night, I was so excited about the hike that was planned for Wednesday. My friends and I planned to hike Siphon Draw Trail #53 all the way to Flatiron! This hike is one I have been dreaming about, and I was so excited to experience it with my friends and of course my best friend Goose. I wouldn’t recommend this hike to first time hikers or for old over weight dogs  a lot of hoisting and lifting of the dogs is necessary to reach the Flatiron. I would strongly recommend getting a Ruffwear Webmaster Harness or a Ruffwear Doubleback Harness this was our saving grace with two australian shepherds easily around 45-60 pounds. A lot of trust and training was a big part that played into the dogs reaching the Flatiron as well. This hike only strengthened our bond and showed us how great of a team we all were.


Its started of nice and easy, a slow up hill climb on the sweeping meadow before reaching the slick rock there was a dry waterfall that had a small pool of water under it. Im sure after a rain it would be running. Once we passed the slick rock we had to go threw three vertical canyons. There was only really one section that required us to lift and help the dogs to a safe destination on the trail.

Such a happy boy!
Such a happy boy!

We then had the joy to relax at the top of Flatiron. I was so nice to have the sun on us and warm up, the cold rocks and the mountain shading us made for a chilly hike, well chilly for us desert dwellers any ways. We refueled and rested, took pictures to remember our journey and then it was back the way we came!

But it was hard going up it should be easy gong down right? No, compared to going up, going down took a lot more concentration. Lowering the dogs was an interesting feat, it made me wish Goose was 10 pounds like Quinci! After all the vertical climbing and decent it felt odd walking on a flat surface, I’m not complaining it was a gift but a odd one our legs felt like jello. As soon as we made it back to the trail head and we headed home Goose slept and is still sleeping. Its hard to make a aussie tired. So i guess Flatiron is the way to accomplish it.



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  1. Beautiful photos! Looks like quite a hike…you must feel accomplished and your happy boy looks it, too! Is that a jack russell along for the ride? I have 2 at home 🙂

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