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We have been counting down the days to our first backpacking trip! A lot of planning and research went into where we would be going and what Goose and I would be taking and what Goose would be caring in his pack. Goose has been training and caring weight in his pack all winter long, and now that it is almost spring he is more then ready to carry a bit more weight. Goose weighs 45 pounds so he can carry a MAX weight of 11 pounds, now I wont fill his pack just get to 11 pounds, I will try and keep his pack as light as possible.

*Remember the MAX weight for a pack on a dog is 25% of the dogs body weight, you need to slowly work up to the weight MAX wright. Always consult you Vet prior to any strenuous activity’s and to make sure you 4 legged friend is physically ready to carry weight.

We all planned to adventure out to the Mogollon Rim in Arizona to Webber Creek, near the Boy Scout Camp Geronimo. Bellow is  a map of the Mogollon Rim the lower section of the Rim the Highline Trail is the main trail system for the Mogollon Rim with many other trails branching off the main artery Highline Trail. The trails we ended up taking were Geronimo Trail #240 to East Webber Trail #289. If you would like more information on the trail visit our other blog post HERE.

The trails we took were Geronimo Trail 240 to East Webber Trail 289

We left the desert bright and early on Tuesday morning and 2 hours later we arrived at the trail head around 8am. On our way there we saw a large group of elk, and that definitely got our blood pumping so early in the morning cause they ran out right in front of the cars. As we were getting our packs and the dogs packs ready we took a moment and got a group shot of the pups with all of our gigantic backpacking packs!

We loaded up and headed out on our adventure. I knew it was going to be hard but I had no idea how heavy 34 pounds is once you are hiking, we all felt the extra weight but we pushed on till we found the perfect spot to set up camp. Right along Webber Creek we set our tents up so we could fall asleep to the sound of the babbling creek. We explored around the creek, hung around in our hammocks and relaxed by the fire. Our camp was amazing definitely the perfect spot!

Goose did great with his Approach Pack from Ruffwear he carried his food which consisted of TurboPUP bars, and Primal freeze dried Duck, his water was healed in two of the Ruffwear collapsable 1L bladder, first aid kit, his Ruffwear Grip Trex boots, a blanket and his Kurgo Loft Jacket. He did have a Kurgo bowl but that broke as soon as I took it off his pack to give him water, the bottom of the bowl completely separated from the seams. Thank goodness we went with other dogs cause we had to share bowls for his food and water, I’m most likely going to get a Ruffwear bowl to try out next hopefully it wont let me down!

Goose did great around camp and when we were ready for bed he was very comfortable being inside the tent with with. He was chilly though he kept moving around and was trying to get inside my sleeping bag. He had a fleece blanket and his Kurgo Loft Jacket but he was still petty chilly. I hope the next trip we go on we can review/test a dog sleeping bag. A lot of people think that sense he is so fluffy he must be warm, well that’s not always the case, he doesn’t sleep out side and its not very cold at night where we live. So my boy was chilly and I cuddled with him to keep him warm I wish he could fit inside my sleeping bag but a mummy sleeping bag is hard to share with a 45 pound dog.

We all enjoyed our breakfast the next morning and broke camp and headed back to the trail head. Goose’s pack was a lot lighter sense he had no food in it, I also opted to not have him carry his water out I just carried the water and I also had water inside the car when we got back to the trail head to give him. It was a short trip no hard miles logged but it was a learning experience for the both of us. It was our first maiden voyage of backpacking and I cant wait to go again. It is truly an amazing feeling being able to carry everything you need right on your back, you appreciate everything a little more and realize you don’t need so many unnecessary items in your life. Everything is a little more simple when your backpacking, and I love that!


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