Eureka Jade Canyon 6 Review

Last week we took the Jade Canyon 6 by Eureka! out on a week long car camping trip, we needed a sturdy and large family car camping tent that could hold 3 humans and two + dogs. We did consider the Jade Canyon 4 but the 10×10 footprint in the Jade Canyon 6 it was very appealing to my six-foot tall husband. Our old tent was a 4 person tent and it was way too tight for all of us to use especially my husband, who’s feet literally could stick outside the tent, and walking over dogs in the middle of the night was also a task. My 8-year-old daughter loves spending time in the tent and having extra room for her to play and relax was wonderful. The dogs enjoyed the extra room too, they could easily stretch out on their beds without taking up tons of floor space, the tent was roomy enough but still very cozy and we all loved it.

*This tent was generously given to us from Eureka! for our sponsored trip, we were so glad we could share this trip with them and be able to feature and review such an amazing family and dog camping tent perfect for car camping.

A bit about Eureka


Specs for the eureka Jade Canyon 6

  • Best used for car camping and camping with air beds or cots.
  • Average weight 21 lbs. 2oz
  • Sleeping capacity 6
  • 3 Season tent
  • Steel and Aluminum polls
  • Poll diameter is 19mm and 16mm polls
  • Number of polls are 6
  • Comes with a stuff sack
  • Once packed it measures 18 inches by 26 inches
  • Storage pockets
  • Hight interior is 7 foot
  • Free standing tent
  • Floor is 10 x 10
  • One large door
  • Sleeves and clips on tent


Design: Rating 5/5

The cabin style tent is great for large groups or families looking for extra space to stretch out and not feel cramped, it is also great to be able to store some extra gear in the tent if you don’t want to leave it in the back of the truck or if you don’t want it to get wet. The Jade Canyon 6 set up is made easy and fast and taking down the tent is equally as easy. The rain fly provides an adequate amount of protection from rain and the wind. The guy outs are nestled perfectly in little pouches and are easy to take out and stake down, the guy out set up and is great for added stability in windy conditions.



Quality: Rating 5/5

The materials used for the Jade Canyon 6 are very durable, with 4 steel poles and 2 aluminum the frame of this tent is strong, the walls are 75D Polyester 1800mm, the rain fly 75D Stormshield Polyester 1800mm, the bathtub floor is 75D Polyester 2000mm, with mesh 68D Polyester No-See-Um. The large bathtub floor was durable and cleaned up nicely when mud or dirt got tracked in.



Function: Rating 5/5

Assembly was fast and easy the tent came with 4 steel poles and 2 aluminum, the tent’s free standing and shock corded steel and aluminum frame is easy to set up. The main poles are steel, and the top poles are aluminum. Clips and pole sleeves secure the tent body to the frame. The rain fly has a colored nylon clip and is easy to drape over the 7 foot tall tent and is easy to take off too I had no problem putting it on and off and I’m 5’4. The large bathtub floor kept us dry and held up to foot traffic and dogs jumping in and out of the tent. The Zippers glided easily and did not snag on the surrounding tent. The 4 large windows on the tent opened up for tons of airflow and ventilation.



Overall: Rating 5/5

We were able to sleep on our air beds very comfortably, the dogs had more than enough room to sprawl out and for us to get up and move around without climbing/stepping over everyone. This tent was perfect for spending a week out on the road with my family and our dogs, it served as our home away from home and did not disappoint us or fail. It was easy to set up and tear down, the frame held strong when the wind picked up thanks to the 4 steel poles and 2 aluminum poles. The E!luminate system was amazing at night, we used our Luci light and the tent lit up like a lighthouse beacon in the night. This is by no means a small tent and is not for backpacking but it is a perfect family tent and is exactly what we needed for living out of our truck for a week and adventuring around northern Arizona.




Check out this short video of a walk threw of the tent and how we had the Eureka! Jade Canyon 6 set up for our camping trip.



25 thoughts on “Eureka Jade Canyon 6 Review

  1. This makes me want to go camping like…now! Good to know a big bulky tent like that can be stored away quickly and easily. Because that is the WORST part in camping…going home!

    1. Every time I look through photos I want to go back! But as far as the tent it’s not as big as it looks that’s for sure and it packs down so small for the size of the tent. Definitely well worth the investment that’s for sure.

  2. What a great tent! I haven’t gone camping in years but I have been dying to start up again. The electricity feature is amazing! Very cool. I’ll definitely check Eureka or if I need to buy a tent.

  3. This looks like a great tent! I just love all of the pockets on the inside. Those would be so helpful for keeping track of certain items. It’s been awhile since I’ve been tent camping, but I always tend to lose things little things like flashlights.

  4. I would prefer something f that size if we went camping here in New Zealand. We like camping but also like having the extra comfort and space a tent like this provides. It’s almost a home from home especially as camping sites often have power available here now.

    I can see that a family AND pups find this a good size and it’s easy to set up. THAT I like best of all.

  5. That does look spacious. If you’re going camping you need to be as comfortable as possible (imo).
    Love the light, bright colour and all the storage pockets – and the chandelier for a little ‘glamping’ ; )

  6. This tent looks amazing! I haven’t been camping since I was a teenager. Back then, we used these little 2 person tents and it was quite an adventure. This looks like it would help make a camping trip a lot more fun. 🙂

  7. This looks like an awesome (and sturdy) tent! I love the height of this tent, as I normally feel really cramped when we are camping. I also like the add-on pocket options. Looks like you guys had a blast! I hope you have some more amazing adventures and share your photos with us!

  8. Well, this almost ALMOST makes me want to go camping in a tent. I wish I wasn’t so high maintenance. 🙁 But seriously, I’d get that tent; it looks sturdy and big and well-thought out. Hope you had lots of fun on your trip! My dogs would love this (but might bark all all the noises). 🙂

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