Durable Dog Goggles for any Adventure Dog

Running threw the tall grass, weeds and bushes, riding around in the golf car, UTV, Jeep or hanging eight on the paddle board Rex Specs can be put to good used to protect your adventure pups eyes. The goggles with interchangeable, spherical lenses make it easy to change lenses from clear UV lenses to tinted UV lenses, the strap fits behind the dog’s head to keep the goggles in place while your dog runs, jumps, sniffs, and generally does dog stuff. The adjustable, one-size product fits most dogs from about 35-100 pounds, depending on head size and shape you can also buy a strap extender if your dog has a XL head.

Rex Specs are now being used to protect against almost anything imaginable – dust and debris from rotor wash during helicopter deployments, UV rays on mountain hikes or simple walks, bugs and wind during sidecar rides, or punctures from sticks and thorns while chasing birds, or squirrels. You name it – Rex Specs has it covered.

"Come on I need these Rex Specs!" (Goose squinting from the afternoon sun)
“Come on I need these Rex Specs!” (Goose squinting from the afternoon sun)

Why Does my Dog need Rex Specs?

Whether your dog is your working K9 partner, riding the wild roads in your motorcycle sidecar, hiking a mountain, or on a hunting excursion – Rex Specs K9 are the perfect goggles for your best friend.

Check out why you need Rex Specs HERE


Will my dog Like Rex Specs?

As with anything new it will require sometime and training on your part. You may have a very tolerant dog who will just go with it or a dog who needs some extra time making sure he knows the goggles are good things. Rex Specs has a step by step instruction card that comes with the Goggles so you know how to properly introduce the goggles to your pup.


Both Dante and Goose took to the Rex Specs quickly with positive reinforcement, treats, and play time. Goose really started to like them when we went paddle boarding, he actually started to eagerly stick his face into the goggles. I don’t know if the tint helped him when he was out on the water but he seemed to enjoy himself. He swam, jumped off the paddle board and played and the goggles never moved from his face. Dante had a similar experience, he enjoyed running around and playing with his goggles on. I think these dog goggles would be wonderful for in the snow too! I know the benefit from UV protection for are eyes are important so I can see how the benefit of protecting our pups eyes are super important too. Both Dante and Goose’s breeds are predisposed to genetic eye disorders. At $80, the dog goggles are a significant investment. But if the circumstances warrant goggles, and if your pup is prone to eye injuries or eye diseases then this small investment is much cheaper then a vet bill or the loss of eye sight in your best bud.

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