Desert Camping Checklist

The desert is one of the few places people would ever consider to camp, there are no streams, lakes, large pines, cool shade or snow covered peaks. Nope, if you camp in the desert you will get days full of sunshine, beautiful mornings, sweltering afternoons and chilly nights. But you are rewarded with gorgeous sunrises and sunsets, a martian-like landscape, solitude and a great tan, maybe some sunburn if you didn’t see this checklist before you went.

Checklists, everyone has their own and what they like to bring with them when they go camping, but I thought it would be fun to put together a checklist of my own. This is all the major stuff I would bring with me and my family + dog, on a camping trip out into the desert. I left food out of my checklist as that is a big preference for some people, I’ve planned large menus and fancy meals, other times I may just do dehydrated food. My meal plans all depend on how much hiking we will be doing and how much time we will spend at camp.

This list may seem long but it’s also everything I need for safe and for comfortable camping trip, this is not my typical backpacking list nor is it a list I made just for myself when it includes my family, dog’s and friends the list grows or shrinks with the number of people in the group.








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