Camping trip to Canyon Creek


It’s been almost three weeks since our family camping trip to Canyon Creek located near the Mogollon rim in Payson AZ, and I am finally getting around to giving a recap of our family’s adventure.  So here we go…We left a week before my daughter started school and this was also part of her birthday present was going camping and fishing, so we had to make this trip count. We loaded up the truck and left early in the morning and headed for the rim. It was a nice drive in and finding a camping spot was an easy choice as everyone else was packing up and leaving as we were just pulling in. This is the one perk of being your own boss,and being able to plan your schedule.


Setting up camp was a breeze, after we were done we hiked down to the creek to explore a bit. It was a little cloudy but nothing serious we knew rain was in the forecast so it wasn’t a big deal. Well, all of a sudden the sky opened up and it was a torrential downpour! So we start hustling back to camp well when it rains it pours right? Wrong, it hails! Huge marble sized hail started falling from the sky and hit all of us like little rocks. Goose was using me as his own personal human shield and Sheba was not having it she kept wanting to stop and hide. We finally made it to camp drenched and cold, but we couldn’t get in our tent, well cause we would get all our dry gear wet. Thankfully the hubby brought an EZup tent and popped it up real quick so we could get some relief from the hail and rain. Everything was soaked but thankfully all the important things remained dry. We did have to relocate the tent as a little river was trying to run right in front of the tent. After we set it up in a new location and dried off it was time to get the fire going of course this was an ongoing challenge as everything was wet so this really tested our patience. We did have a gas stove though if we couldn’t get a fire going, but we did. I got everyone fed and we were all ready for bed. That night was a busy night for animals too, I heard all kinds of noises, of course, waking Jerad up every time and around 3am I heard some kind of animal it sounded like it was trying to get into the trash bag, so Jerad went to go check. Well, it was an animal but it wasn’t the trash bag it was a skunk trying to get into the dog food bag! As soon as Jerad shined the light towards the skunk the little guy ran off.  Over the next few days we enjoyed each others company we battled the rain in the afternoon with long naps and cuddling in the tent with the dogs and my little one. The weather was beautiful despite the rain and Canyon Creek was lovely.

When you hike down the dirt road a bit you can visit the fish hatchery that it only a few miles away from the camp sites. Sydney my daughter loved seeing all the rainbow trout and seeing how they raise them from little tiny fish to large 13′ fish. We saw our fair share of deer and Sydney tried her luck at fishing in the creek and she soon found out it takes a lot of skill and patience to fish in the creek. Sheba and Goose loved chasing the squirrels that kept teasing them around the camp. I loved seeing the dogs so happy they loved the fresh mountain air and running around in the creek, they played hard and slept harder. I was also lucky enough to try out some of Zuke’s new food Zuke’s Ascent, my pups got to try the Zuke’s Ascent Grain-Free Crunchy Blend and the Zuke’s Ascent Adventure Tender Blend. This high-quality high-protein food gave Goose and Sheba the energy they needed to keep going on the trail and make sure they were ready to chase some naughty squirrels. After our fun 3 nights of camping, we broke camp early to explore the Mogollon Rim and to take my little fishing at Woods Canyon lake. We all had a great morning and caught lots of fish, Sydney was the only on who caught a trout and that made her feel super special cause she cast out her line and reeled it in. The pups slept next to the lake and every once in a while would  look up to see a chipmunk teasing them trying to get into the tackle box. We finished up at the lake, loaded up and headed back home. It was a fun filled week full of adventure and fun, and I love spending my time our doors with my family. No TV or cell phones, it has to be my favorite part of camping. The pure silence and the glow from the fire is all I need and curling up in the tent with all my loves is how I love ending my day. I love the simplicity of camping and I love seeing the joy exerted through my child eyes and my pups.


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