Brothers Complete Premium Dog Food Review & Giveaway!

Hungry Dusty Desert Dogs

All these adventures and hikes makes a dusty desert dog hungry and fueling my adventure hounds is very important to me! I am very excited today, I have a dog food and treat review on Brothers Complete! Brothers Complete makes dog food sourced and made here in the USA, they also offer 4 different formulas (3 out of 4 cater to pets with allergies) and they also have a great selection of treats! Goose, Dante & Sheba are fed a rotational diet and we were happy to work with Brothers Complete! *We received our food and treats in exchange for an honest review of their product.*

Brothers Complete also has a 5 Star rating on Dog Food Advisor.

About Brothers Complete

Brothers Complete is family owned and operated they are actively and personally involved each and every day with the company, their customers, and the dogs they serve. Brothers Complete also interacts with their customers in person, by phone, and on the Internet. They do not hide in a corner office or behind a corporate shield of complexity. Brothers Complete is located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Brothers Complete is a ultra premium grain & potato free dog food. They designed their kibble with high levels of protein, and over 90% of it is species appropriate animal based protein. They use ingredients that are sourced in the USA. Brothers Complete includes “selective prebiotics” and “encapsulated probiotics” combined with digesztive enzymes, nutrients, and ingredients that are intricately balanced in relation to one another (instead of random quantities that simply fall somewhere in between the high and low limits that AAFCO recommends).  Brothers Complete dog food has 100% customer satisfaction guarantee with a hassle free return policy.

Dog Food Formulas

Brothers Complete offers four different formulas: Venison & Egg, Turkey & Egg, Chicken & Egg and Lamb & Egg.


The Chicken Formula is the only non advance allergy care formula. But it is still far superior to other chicken formulas out there. I like that Brothers complete has a variety of proteins and advanced allergy formulas to choose from and it is able to give you pet a nice variety to his/her diet. Dante and Sheba do not have any food allergies or sensitivities. But Goose does and I was so excited to see how he did on new food suited just for his needs.

Brothers Complete uses egg in all their formulas it is natures perfect protein; it contains all 22 Amino acids, is easily absorbed, and is the only protein that the body uses completely (100% bioavailable). Over 90% of the protein in Brothers is animal sourced protein, which is what your friendly, family carnivore is designed to eat.

High quality human grade protein! Brothers Complete then adds Enzymes, PREbiotics, and PRObiotics to create an exceptionally healthy and nutritious dog food that generates health from the inside out. The cassava/tapioca, we use as a binder is obtained from the roots of the cassava plant (manihot esculenta) and is a natural source of low glycemic carbohydrates that is a large part of the diet of many countries. This low glycemic starch allows Brothers to make a kibble that is closer to a wolf’s ancestral diet which is based predominantly on animal sourced proteins.

What I really love the most about Brothers Complete dog food is the freshness! Most dog foods spend 3 to 6 months in hot wholesale warehouses before reaching the retail outlets. Then they can sit on shelves in pet food stores for several more months before being purchased by the customer.  At Brothers Complete, within days of being made the food is made and shipped, it is put in a dark, air-conditioned storage facility where it stays cool & fresh until it is shipped to our customers or sold in our store. Brothers manufactures small batches frequently and uses a combination of 4 natural preservatives rather than the normal 1 or 2 so the food is probably the freshest food you can possibly buy.


The selection of dog treats from Brothers Complete Dog Treats are Buffalo, Turkey and Venison!


All my dogs loved their treats the biscuits were not tough like normal dog biscuits they broke apart easy and my dogs enjoyed that. Dante is a very picky treat eater and he enjoyed all the treats but his favorite was the Buffalo meal biscuit. The Brothers Complete line of treats contain no grain, no white potato, no sweet potato, and no sugar in any form. Brothers also adds a unique and substantial nutritional value to our treats by including a special blend of minerals, vitamins, and nutrients that have been carefully balanced in specific proportion to each other. This produces a treat that is nutritionally complete and balanced and sets a new standard of excellence in treats.


I am very satisfied with the quality of dog food and treats by Brothers Complete, I would recommend this food to anyone wanting to feed a high quality food and/or a dog that has allergies. I had no upset tummies, gas, runny stool, or itchy dogs. Everyone enjoyed all their meals even my picky German Shepherd Dante he loved them all but really loved the venison. I like how high quality the food is that you can feed less sense the food is so premium, an there is no added fillers to have added waste. My three dusty desert dogs also really enjoyed having a biscuit after dinner every night and I love that the treats are just as premium as the food. Another added bonus is you are supporting USA made and sourced company.





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52 thoughts on “Brothers Complete Premium Dog Food Review & Giveaway!

  1. Great review- I have a suspicion my pup may have a food allergy so I’m definitely interested in trying this brand out!

  2. Thank you for the detailed review! We feed Zoey and Nash on a rotational diet too, but Nash seems to have a sensitive stomach. I’m always keeping an eye out for high quality foods that are made in the USA!

  3. Great review! I have and allergy pup myself but I am pretty sure it is mostly grains and enviromental. This looks like a great food to add to her rotation.

  4. That food sounds great! Something we would love to try. We are also looking for food for Fiona’s sensitive tummy.

  5. I would so love to win a bag of food for my dogs! We’re always on the search for new high quality foods with low allergic content and this food looks like it might be just the key!

  6. We just started trying Brothers with our two shelties. Our older (5year old) sheltie has awful allergies with his feet, and he constantly chews them raw, we changed them to a good grain free food, but after reading what brothers has to offer we definitely are trying this! Currently he is wearing the cone of shame until his feet get better. Korey and Gator (our shelties) have also both started getting random hot spots, which I have never known about before they each got one. Thank you Brothers for an amazing food!!!

  7. Great post – when I initially began to read it as I saw your dogs behind the food, all I could envision is the review from their point of view.
    Would love to try your brand.

  8. This sounds like a great dog food. I really like that 3 out of the 4 formulas are for dogs with allergies. That gives dogs a variety of food to choose from, which is always a nice thing!

  9. These foods sound great! They contain a lot of supplements! I’m glad to see that they include pre and pro biotics. Those are so important to good digestive health! Congratulations to all of the winners!

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