Broadway Cave


The Broadway Cave, now I had no idea the Superstition Wilderness had so many caves and this one is relatively close to the town of Apache Junction, AZ. It was a quick drive over, I met up with my friend Kandace and her pup Hope at the trail head. If you do decided to hike this trail I suggest leaving early, the trail head parking lot is very small only about 6 cars can fit in the small turn out.


It was a nice chilly morning when we set out to find the cave, but that was short lived as we all started to warm up. ¬†We enjoyed the short hike to the base of the cave, then we had a scramble up the side of the mountain to the cave. It wasn’t horrible but it defiantly was may cardio for the day. As we approached the mouth of the cave I was surprised to find it was a lot bigger then I imagined it would be. We explored the cave and found it goes back at least 50 feet. But the 50 feet was a tight fit, as it looked as small as a mining cave.


We then gathered our packs and set back to the trail head. It was a great hike for anyone not wanting to drive far or hike far to explore an amazing cave. I love all the great surprises that the superstition wilderness has to offer. Another great hike for the log book!



Trail Name: Broadway Cave

Directions to cave from trail head: Broadway trail head to Jacobs Crosscut #58 at the junction of Lost Goldmine Trail take a left, then at Monument Canyon Trail there will be a fork take the right fork to the Broadway Cave.

Location: Apache Junction, AZ

Parking: Left hand side of the road (limited parking) once Broadway Rd. starts to curve into a neighborhood.

Duration of Hike: 2 hours one way

Elevation Gain: 380 Feet


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