Blue Point Trail to Goldfield Ovens

The past few days have been sunny and warm what you would expect the desert would give you. But a strong wind storm brought rain and hail to the valley and that would normally put a damper on hiking plans for normal people. But we’re not normal right? The late morning hike was perfect, the whole hike was overcast and had a light breeze we even had some light rain. I’ve hiked Blue Point Trail before, but I’ve never went far enough back to find the Goldfield ovens. It was amazing to see such a large oven built into a rock. The mason work for the oven was impressive. When I came back home I wanted to find out why there were random giant ovens in the Goldfield Mountains. But I really couldn’t dig up much information, a few people said it was for mining purpose and making tools. Others said it was a giant limestone kiln for making mortar, some said for food. So with everything that the wilderness tends to gives us is always a misery.



We were also lucky enough to see a Bald Eagle as we were leaving. He was right by the Salt River on a surprisingly low tree branch. I didn’t have my larger lens with me so I had to “sneak” up and take a photo of him. I’m sure he already saw us coming a mile away. He was nice enough for all of us to get super close to snap a few photos and oogle over his beauty before he few away. It was the perfect ending to a great short hike in the rain!





Trail Name: Blue Point Trail Head

Directions to Trail Head: This site is located 20 miles northeast of Mesa. From Mesa, travel 7 miles east on the Superstition Freeway (US 60) to Power Road/Bush Highway/Forest Road (FR) 204 and turn north. Follow Bush Highway for 15 miles to the site. The entire route is paved. The Trail Head is at the north end of the Blue Point recreation area parking lot.

Location: Mesa, AZ

Parking: Lots of parking, public restrooms, and picnic ramadas, a Tonto daily recreation pass must be purchased to park here.

Trail: Well defined but not wide, a lot of the trail to the ovens are in a wash.

Duration of Hike: Will vary if you decide to complete the loop or do a in and out hike. We did not do the loop but instead opted for the short hike to the oven and back out. this took us about 2 hours to go to the oven and back out.

Miles: 2/3 miles to the oven and back out if you complete the whole loop it is 7 1/2 miles

Type of Hike: One way ( in and out ) or Loop

Elevation gain: 575 feet

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