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Goose and I were recently asked from Barktasic to review their travel dog bowl.  We took it on our hikes, bike rides and walks and it was very portable and compact. I liked how the bowl was easy to open and close. It fit great in his pack and in mine. I love the blue color and the water resistant carrying bag, I used this bag a lot when I had to carry the bowl, it was nice not getting my phone and stuff wet in side MY bag. I also like that Barktastic travel dog bowl comes with the carabiner, it makes it easy to attach to my pack or to his which makes it easily assess able. I like the fact that it is just big enough for Goose yet small enough to take on our adventures it can hold up to 4 cups of water! This comes in handy if we are taking a long break, so then I don’t have to keep refilling his bowl. It holds a great deal of water with out collapsing or tipping over on its self. The travel dog bowl from Barktastic is made from FDA approved PREMIUM food grade SILICONE – NO BPA or PVC which is awesome cause I don’t want chemicals leaching into my dog’s water or food. I love the fact that it is Dishwasher safe (top rack) and Barktastic has a NO ODOR GUARANTEE. From what I can tell it is made from very high quality silicone and has not tore or ripped with any parts breaking off, we put this bowl threw the ringer. Barktasic also has a 100% Guarantee! I know that there are other Travel dog bowls, and I have seen the ones at pet stores they are way to small for Goose. I like that this bowl has a nice wide opening so it makes drinking water a pleasant experience for him. Cause being active in the desert drinking enough water is our #1 priority and Barktastic Travel Dog Bowl makes that possible.



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    1. Thank you! Goose and the other dogs love the larger bowl for drinking out of, I think they feel much more comfortable then in a small compact bowl. This bowl is nice though cause the bowl dose collapse into its self making transportation and storage super easy and convenient.

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