Alcott Explorer Pup Tent

Alcott Explorer Pup Tent

Price – $39.99


The Purpose Of The Pup Tent

The past few times we have been camping the Alcott Explorer Pup Tent has come with us! I’m sure a lot of people will be like why would you bring a tent for your dog? A few reasons actually, one it is adorable! Ok, really? Well it works great for a dog that, needs his own space, a place to take a break or if your pup is like mine and is always trying to get into the main tent (the human tent) Goose is that kinda dog he is always trying to get into my tent and lounge around on my sleeping bag. I let him do that once I’m in the tent but I won’t leave the tent door open to have him track mud or dirt into the tent or let bugs in. The Pup Tent is also great for dogs that need a break or time out a spot to feel safe and relax. It reminds me of a soft dog crate, and dogs tend to love a nice little den to call home and escape from all the excitement. It also is great for dogs who are a little to excited and you need to teach a dog how to “settle” or “calm down” for a bit. The Pup Tent is that space, you can lay a bed, blanket or sleeping bag inside the tent and teach your dog to relax and enjoy some downtime, camping is exciting, but your pup needs rest too.

The Set Up

The setup for the Pup Tent is pretty straight forward and with the two poll design setup its a breeze.

  • length: 28″
  • height: 45″
  • width/depth: 35″
  • color: Explorer green
  • sizes: one size


Strong Enough

Remember its a tent, with mesh and nylon walls, with a tarp like bath tub floor. I would say if your dog is an escape artist or has ripped or gotten out of a mesh dog crate then I would suggest you supervise. Goose really enjoys his time in the pup tent and It has also held up to his dog nails on the Pup Tents flooring. The side walls are strong and have held up during a monsoon rain storm we had when we were camping. It also cleans up well and drys quickly. The only thing on the tent I could see failing over time is the polls, they are not aluminum, and I’m not sure if they are even fiberglass, but some sort of plastic compound. But for a nice small shelter to protect my dog from rain, wind, or sun the pup tent works great.


The Pup Tent packs back into its handy travel bag, and is light enough that I can carry it around in my day pack and not feel it. The ample space is perfect for two medium sized dogs that like to snuggle or one larger dog. With ample ventilation and three large mesh windows your pup will have a great view from the Pup Tent. I could see the tent working well for small dogs too protecting them from the wind or sun, maybe even sky predators. Its such a fun yet practical piece of gear I didn’t think I’d use that much when camping but every family camping trip we have gone on the Pup Tent has made an appearance.



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