October Is National Adopt a Shelter Dog Month

I love that people have recognized and dedicated a month to shelter dogs and the struggle that they have finding homes. Now Goose is not a shelter dog, but was purchased threw a reparable breeder. We did a lot of research to find a breeder that did the proper health screenings and showed her dogs and worked them. The reason we went this route this time and when i say this time i obviously am getting to that we did and still do have rescue/shelter dogs that live with us. Two years ago, i had to say good bye to my heart dog. He was my best friend, his name was Wyatt and his story goes something like this.

In 2010 i was looking for a Australian shepherd and we decided to go threw a local rescue Aussie and Friends there was an 8 month old black tri female named Indie I was inquiring about. We met her at the pet expo and loved her. We did a home visit to see how she would do with our other two dogs but our cattle dog didn’t like her. The lady from aussie and friends recommended we contact AZ boarder collie rescue cause they just had a female come in with a litter of puppies that was a aussie boarder collie mix. We went and visited the 4 puppies 2 from the litter that we were inquiring about and 2 more from another dog that had come in with puppies. Well we came home with Wyatt. I talked with Amber who was fostering the puppies and she ended up keeping Wyatt’s brother Keeper. She recommended doing puppy classes at MLF dogsports. Which i did follow up on, and the love of dogsports and training was planed like a seed and it kept growing. Wyatt and I attended agility classes obedience and Rally-o. Wyatt got his AKC start puppy and his AKC CGC he also went on to get his RN and got 3 firsts and qualified very quickly. He just turned 1 and we were inquiring into animal acting… well 1 1/2 years old and at a training class Wyatt had the most violent seizure I’ve ever seen any dog or animal have. It was his first and sadly of many. Many vet visits, blood test, x-rays, diet changes, no vaccines, no heart worm (we also tested for MDR1) logged all seizures to try and find triggers. We even talked with a neurosurgeon for dogs. talked with many different vets for a possible miss diagnosis. Or something we could have missed. 3 long years went by and he was diagnosed with idiopathic epilepsy. The sad thing is with in his third year of life his health declined rapidly… he was maxed out on phenobarbital and maxed out on potassium┬ábromide. He basically was having a seizure every hour. He couldn’t even sleep. And that is when we had to make the extremely hard derision of his quality of life. He didn’t deserve to go threw this pain any more and his body and mind were suffering greatly. So we made the decision to help him over the rainbow bridge.



Everyday I think of him and how much of an impact he made in my life. I always loved dogs but he showed me a new world of training and love i could share. Thank you Wyatt with out you id never would have known about dog sports and how rewarding it is. Your were the greatest partner i could have ever asked for and i’ll never forget you. My super Why.

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