Get a great night’s sleep in the desert with Eureka!

Getting a good night’s rest is imperative when camping, but sleeping in the desert can be tricky, we recently adventured out to the Mojave National Preserve and even though the days were very warm and the nights got chilly. If we didn’t have our amazing sleep system from Eureka I think we would have had some very restless nights. Thankfully our good friends over at Eureka helped us out and we had a comfortable night’s sleep on our Green River Air Pad and slept in our Lone Pine 40 degree sleeping bags. Now I know a lot of people are probably thinking, 40-degree bag? you froze! Well the answer is we didn’t, we actually slept on top of our sleeping bags in the beginning of the night, then halfway through the night we slept in them fully unzipped, and then in the chilly AM, we zipped completely up! We were never cold in our sleeping bags we slept nice and warm, and to top off the sleeping experience we had the Green River Air pad which was a dream!!! The whole Eureka Camp Comfort™ Sleep System is amazing and so well planned out. I don’t know about you but when I am in my other sleeping bag and on my other sleeping pad, I would still slip down the pad or even on an air mattress I would still slide. But not on the Eureka, they had the bright idea to add Eureka’s Stealth-Grip™ fabric technology to the bottom of the sleeping bag and pair that with the Green River Air Pad Non-slip Stealth-Grip™ surface you aren’t going any wear. I didn’t have to adjust myself once, also my daughter who is a crazy sleeper didn’t slide down the air pad at all it’s an amazing sleep system for camping!

Green River Air pad Specs

77 in
25 in
3.5 in
Minimum Weight
2 lbs 5 oz
Fabric Top
Eureka! Stealth-Grip™

My favorite feature of the Green River Air Pad has to be the built-in hand pump, there is an option near the pillow to inflate with your mouth or an air machine but the hand pump was very efficient at doing the job it only took me about a min. to fully inflate the air pad and I wasn’t winded like other air pads that need to be inflated with your breath. The Non-slip Stealth-Grip™ surface paired with the Lone Pine sleeping bags Stealth-Grip™ fabric technology on the bottom of the sleeping bag work in perfect harmony giving you not only a super comfortable nights rest but reducing your slipping and sliding all over the place at night. Now the Rvalue is low and would not be great at keeping you very warm in fridged temperatures but on our warm desert days and actually chilly desert nights my daughter and I slept very comfortably (even Goose did as he also loved the Green River Air pad and curled up by my feet) we all slept very comfortably on the air pads and with the pads being on the wider side we had lots of room to move arouind. I also like how quickly they deflate too and they pack up well, and back into their designated stuff sacks which also come with a repair kit.

Lone Pine 40-degree sleeping bag specs

Temp Rating F
40 °F
Temp Rating C
4 °C
EN Limit (Rating For Men)
40 °F
EN Comfort (Rating For Women)
48 °F
Minimum Weight
2 lbs 10 oz
Insulation Type
Eureka! Insulcore HQ
Insulation Weight
1 lbs 3 oz
Pack Diameter
7.5 in
Pack Length
15 in
Horizontal Offset Quilt
Fits To
72 in
78 in

Not a mummy sleeping bag but also not a rectangle sleeping bag, it.s the best of both worlds super roomy but still hugs you in all the right places. With the Eureka Lone Pine sleeping bags, they feature Eureka’s new Insulcore HQ synthetic insulation for dependable warmth in all conditions even super chilly desert nights. The comfort-focused shape includes an insulated hood and draw cord perfect for additional thermal performance when it gets a little chilly in the late nights or early AM. The Stealth-Grip™ fabric technology work perfect with the Eureka Camp Comfort™ Sleep System. Another perk to this already awesome sleeping bag is the full-length draft tube with anti-snag guard, let me elaborate how awesome this anti-snag guard is especially when an 8-year-old is using it, it is amazing and didn’t get snagged once!  With an internal pocket and included stuff sack, this sleeping bag is definitely one of my favorites and will be our go-to sleeping bag for the summer months! Also, Goose approves!


Check out Eureka for all your camping needs, it’s the only brand we use and we couldn’t be happier with the affordability and durability.

It’s perfect for us and our Dusty desert dogs!

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