Monthly Archives: June 2016

Hiking Boots: The ones I use to keep up with my desert dogs 2

I talk a lot about my dogs gear but I’m excited to start touching base on my gear that I have had the opportunity to test and review some of my favorite gear that I use when I’d out with my desert dogs. Whether we are camping, hiking or backpacking hiking […]

Hurtta – Cooling Harness

Its getting scorching hot here in the Arizona desert, playtime is limited to early mornings and late evening time play sessions. But even with playing later in the evening its still sweltering hot, and dogs are vastly different physiology than people one key feature fur. Dogs can’t sweat like us, dogs […]

Major Dog training products

Major Dog training products for dogs were developed through intense collaborative efforts between trainers and dog owners. The balanced assortment consists of 7 special dog training devices as well as 2 toys and 4 functional items. All of the training articles were designed, tested and TÜV-certified during a development phase […]